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Hey. I dont know how long ago you posted the skin stitch stuff because i just found it on google, but are there any things that are an absolute must to know? What is the absolute longest time i can leave them in? Thank you in advance

hello ! I’m surprised so many people want to try skin stitching so I’m just going to try to cover a lot in this one ask. I do it sometimes but I also learned from internet sources (research is good) and lots of trial and error (trial and error is not very good) so I am, by no means, an expert or anything. if anyone thinks anything I say here is wrong, please let me know so I can look into changing it.
hmm, about must knows…clean everything before u start ! wash ur hands and wherever ur going to b stitching. I used to b scared of using soap to wash the area I want to stitch because I was worried it would irritate the skin around the stitches but I have not had that problem with the soap I use (I took it from a hotel). find the smallest needle you own and clean that very well as well. I had I really bad piercing infection once and I have this stuff leftover from that but I’m sure other disinfectants would b fine. I’ve also heard abt people burning needles to clean them (such as for stick and poke) but I have never tried this because I’m scared of fire.
when I stitch, I don’t double the thread and I don’t tie knots either, but that’s just a personal preference and also because it’s hard to tie knots when I usually only stitch on my hands and the outsides of my arms if I’m really feeling it. palms and feet bottoms are easiest because the skin is thick and it’s easy to get ur needle in without hurting urself. thicker skin is ur friend. only stitch through the first layer of skin ! it doesn’t really hurt that way and it’s easy to take out. I’ve seen pictures online of deeper skin stitching and when I tried it, I find that it’s harder to take out and it kind of hurts (?? different people have different pain tolerances) so I usually just stick w the first layer, even if it’s rly easy to rip sometimes. sometimes, I accidentally press harder on my arms and I realize I have these tiny little cuts a few days later. I don’t really have experience with going much deeper tho so if anyone has anything to say abt it, that would b cool. if u are just starting out, I would definitely not recommend it. I go slower and turn the needle flat when it gets to the wider end (where the thread is) because I find it helps with preventing ur skin from ripping where u have thinner skin. I usually do pretty short stitches too, because I’m lazy and I usually just end up ripping them out. I just pull the thread gently beside the stitches until they pop to take them out, but I would not do this if u have stitched deeper. u can also cut the thread between each stitch and pull the little thread bits out. it will probably leave tiny dry skin layers from the stitching, but those go away really fast and u should not have to worry abt them. there should not b permanent scars or anything left from skin stitching.
The longest I’ve left them in for is overnight once when I was too lazy to take them out and just fell asleep with them in. I didn’t have any problems with. usually, I take them out pretty much right away though. if u’ve only gone through the first layer of skin, I feel like it probably won’t b a problem to leave it in for a bit but I’m not 100% sure how long “too long” is.
this is, by all means, not everything about skin stitching. I would recommend doing more research from other sources before u start. if anything I have said here is wrong, please let me know ! and if u have anything to add, feel free to reblog and write ur own stuff. please stay safe !

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About to begin training, Alice gathers bit of her aura with use of spiritual melody along with an ancient song that supports her and gives her strength. Once it’s done, she begins her training, focusing on her crystallization technique to make sure she has control over crystals carefully. She uses her ability while singing another song with her spiritual ability active as crystals form into a beautiful crystal of her symbol of a dragon.

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Getting family members married is actually very easy. There's two ways. There's Marhis' Polygamy or Marriage of Convenience wedding Arch (updated by Inge). Or if you prefer being able to romance the sims first, then use Sim Blender. Just go into the "Family" pie menu, and use Sim Blender to remove family relationship between the two sims. Then once they have fallen in love, you can re-add the family relationship and they'll still be able to act romantic with each other.

Aha! Thank you, Anon. I do have the Marriage of Convenience arch and I suspect that I shall use it rather frequently.

I suppose it will depend on whether I need photos of the romance interactions or not, but all in all very helpful information, Nonny!

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Alice settles herself at the lake with her dratini for now while needing some fresh air to be out of her troubles. Aqua, her dratini swims around the freshwater of the lake for now with Alice watching and smiling as Aqua approaches her, looking at her in curiosity before slithering to her as she nudges her head gently to Alice’s hand as Alice smiles and pets her gently before she suddenly picks up a scent of another. “….”

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“Do you mind if I sit here for five minutes? I promise that I’ll pay for whatever you consume in the next five minutes.”

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"Right." Alice replied with a smile as they return to what they were doing.

Love look, seems we got another on the way" grinning with arm warmly wrapped around her as they approach, rolling his sleeves then bending down to birth the lamb