alice pearce

Earlier I asked the question: What if the two most famous TV witches of the 1960s traded places?

That got me thinking… what other actors could switch places and work equally as well in both shows. A perfect candidate would be: Alice Pearce.

What if Alice Pearce, the actress who played Samantha’s nosey neighbor Mrs. Kravitz on “Bewitched” , played the nearly as frustrated housekeeper Mrs. Johnson on “Dark Shadows”?

Abner and Gladys Kravitz Season One

Okay, so to be honest, besides Endora, Gladys Kravtiz is my favorite Bewitched character. As I went through season 1 I started to notice how much she and Abner matched fashion wise. They have this adorable his/hers thing going on. Thought I would share (and be jealous).

Either way I want all those cardigans, I love cardigans!

And for some pictures of just Gladys

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Speaking of Sandra Dee…

We love Sandra Dee movies but I surely will not miss watching another Tammy movie. Tammy and the Doctor (the third and last Tammy movie) finds Grandpaw is still in jail doing time and preaching to the other prisoners.

Mrs. Kravitz

Mention Bewitched and the first thing that is brought up is Darrin and how Dick York was was replaced by Dick Sargent. If you watched the 2005 film, you’d think Dick York was replaced almost immediately. He actually was Darrin for ¾ of the run.

The one who did get replaced (and completely retooled in the process) is Gladys. Kravitz. Now in all fairness, that’s because the original actress, Alice Pearce, died near the end of season 2. Rather than have new neighbors move in, or turn Abner into a widower, Gladys was sent to visit family for the remainder of the season.

By episode 6 of third season, Gladys was back, now in better health (but still the same age and squeaky voiced), and played by Sandra Gould.

As a child growing up on Bewitched in syndication I mostly saw the later episodes (the ones actually shot in color — though now if you purchase them, the older ones have been colorized). That means Gladys was usually a busy body prone to calling the authorities anytime she saw something unusual, rather than the nervous neighbor who was slowly being gas-lamped by the Stephens.

Anyway — Mrs. Kravitz 2.0 is the live action embodiment of Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb. She’s always there looking for trouble. She’s always there trying to bust the Stephens and their extended family. She’s never able to prove to anyone what’s going on.