alice on tour

So I saw The Addams Family today

And all I can currently say is HOLY CRAP. I loved how much Carrie and Oliver embodied their characters, I had the pleasure of seeing Scott as Uncle Fester (which I will be eternally thankful for bc he was AMAZING) and Cameron Blakeley stole my heart and honestly Samantha Womack is just… Wow. Charlotte Page’s voice is breathtaking at times, Dickon Gough is HILARIOUS and honestly if I could see this show a million times I would. I could not recommend it highly enough. Also, just watching all of Carrie and Oliver’s little interactions is so amazing. I’d be happy spending the entire time just watching them (which, admittedly, was what I did a lot). Honestly just fantastic!


Bruno’s after party at the Alice Choo club n Zurich, Switzerland last night! Wow the camera is so close to his beautiful face! 😍 Repost@brunosrocket