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Siblings of King George VI

Prince Henry, The Duke of Gloucester

Henry William Frederick Albert was born 31st March 1900 and died 10th June 1974 was the third son, fourth child of King George V and Queen Mary.

He was the first son of a British monarch to be sent to school, where he excelled at sports, and went on to attend Eton College, after which he was commissioned in the 10th Royal Hussars, a regiment he hoped to command. But his military career was interrupted by royal duties, and he was ironically nicknamed “the unknown soldier.”

While big-game shooting in Kenya, he met the future aviator Beryl Markham, with whom he became romantically involved. The court put pressure on him to end the relationship, but had to pay regular hush-money to avert a public scandal. In 1935, also under parental pressure, he married Lady Alice Montagu Douglas Scott, with whom he had two sons.

In 1939-40, he served in France as a liaison officer, and was later appointed Governor-General of Australia in place of his younger brother, the Duke of Kent, who had died in an air crash. He attended the coronation of his niece Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and carried out several overseas tours, often accompanied by his wife.

From 1965, he became incapacitated by a number of strokes, and was not officially told of the death of his elder son while piloting his own plane in 1972.

His widow became the longest-lived member of the British royal family in history.


Royal Profile- Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester Part I 

Henry William Frederick Albert born 31st March 1900 was the third son and fourth child of His Royal Highness The Duke of York future King George V and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York future Queen Mary. At the time of his birth he was fifth in line to the throne after his grandfather, his father and elder brothers, Edward and Albert as male primogeniture was still recognized at the time of his birth he preceded  his older sister Mary in the line of succession. When Henry who was referred affectionately as Harry was nearly a year old great-grandmother Queen Victoria died and his grandfather Albert Edward Prince of Wales now reigned as King Edward VII, Henry was then fourth in line to the throne after his father and two elder brothers. As a child Henry was very sickly and was often prone to getting colds, he also had a high pitched nasal lisp and  rhotacism which prevented him from pronouncing the letter R, his elder brother Albert also had a slight case of rhotacism however he was able to pronounce the letter R which was slightly similar to the french R, Henry however could not. He was also afflicted with knock-knees.

 It was thought that he would follow his older brother’s to naval college and forge a career in the navy however due of a severe infection which left one of his lungs very weak, it was believed that the lifestyle of a naval cadet would be too much for the young Prince. After another illness he was sent down to recuperate in the sea-side town called Broadstairs  just eighteen miles from Canterbury City. It was at this time he was enrolled at St Peters Court, a preparatory school for boys. He was initially enrolled as a day student, attending the school during the day for lessons but going home at the end of the day. However on receiving reports about how much his son was enjoying his time at St Peters Court, The Prince of Wales agreed to allow his son to become a boarder thus making Henry the first royal to attend Preparatory School, while Henry was not an academic he excelled at maths which he was top of his class for. 

In May 1910 King Edward VII died and his father The Prince of Wales now King George V was on the throne and Henry was now third in line to the throne after his elder brothers  Prince Edward The Duke of Cornwall and Prince Albert. Not much changed for the ten year old Prince and he continued his education at St Peters Court it was during this time he was joined by his younger brother George. During the following year Henry now eleven was present at his father’s coronation, he along with his brother George saw this as a excellent opportunity to mess around, much to the dismay of his older siblings, Edward, Albert and Mary.

In his teenage years Henry would go onto to attend Eton College were he would board with the Prince Leopold Duke of Brabant who was the heir to the Belgium throne. He excelled at Eton College not academically but mentally and socially and was very popular among his fellow classmates. It was at this time he went through a massive growth spurt and near to the end of his time at Eton he towered over his siblings. He attended Sandhurst College and would spend several years as a Naval Officer. During the 1920′s he would undertake many royal duties and in 1928 he was created Duke of Gloucester by his father King George V. In November  1935 he married Lady  Alice Montagu Douglas Scott several weeks later his father died and his eldest brother Edward Prince of Wales now reigned as King Edward VIII however his reign wouldn’t last long as he abdicated in December of that same year in favour of his brother Prince Albert The Duke of York in order to marry the twice divorced America Wallis Simpson. Henry who was third in line to the throne after his nieces was named Regent under the 1937 regency act which in the case that his brother Albert who reigned as King George VI died before his daughter Elizabeth reached maturity Henry would reign on her behalf. This meant that Henry could not leave the country until Elizabeth was of age. He was steadfast in supporting his brother and under took many royal duties .