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Alice Miceli
Projeto Chernobyl – imagens radiográficas

“O objetivo deste projeto é criar uma série de imagens radiográficas da zona de exclusão de Chernobyl, representando as regiões mais afetadas no lado bielorrusso da fronteira - as imagens que são impressas pela própria radiação invisível que contaminou a área desde o desastre, em 26 de abril de 1986. Imagens específicas de um lugar abandonado, ainda preenchido por uma matéria invisível, bastante presente nesse meio, mas totalmente invisível exceto para os rastros de destruição que deixou para trás. O projeto exigiu a criação de tecnologias específicas, tais como o desenvolvimento de técnicas de auto-radiografia e câmeraspinhole, aplicados às condições específicas de Chernobyl. Embora invisível, a contaminação tem características diferentes, que, por sua vez, criam padrões distintos de elementos visuais em filme radiográfico, gerando como resultado um vocabulário próprio da radiação em si.”

(˶◕‿◕˶✿) Allura in Wonderland~

🔹Allura ▶Alice

🔸Shiro ▶ Mad Hatter

🔹Hunk ▶ Caterpillar

🔸Pidge ▶ White Rabbit

🔹 Keith ▶ Cheshire Cat

🔸 Lance▶March Hare

🍯 I wanted Keith as the queen of heart and Lance as Alice but eh! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Animal Rescued From Labs Become Magic Models In Alice - In - Wonderland Photoshoot

  1. Giuseppe Rossi was rescued by the Italian charity together with dozens of other mice after their lab finished testing. If La Collina dei Conigli had not saved them, they would have been put to sleep.
  2. Indiana Jane is so tiny that she fell off a truck full of rabbits destined for the meat market. We guess that her mother and siblings were on that truck too.
  3. This little mouse was destined to become snake food.

  4. Guinea pigs are ready to play.

  5. Pet rabbit Nilo was found abandoned, with rear legs paralyzed. Luckily, appropriate care and rehabilitation allowed him to stand and jump again.

  6. Nissa the pet rabbit was rescued from a bad case of mistreatment. She was safe when she gave birth to mini-me Matteo.

  7. Console Marcello is a New Zealand rabbit used in lab testing, as you can guess from the number tattooed on his ear. He’s still looking for a lovely home.

  8. Her Majesty Neda. She was adopted right after the photo-shoot.

  9. Guinea Pigs are great models – just give them food, and everything will be alright.

  10. Who will paint roses for the Queen?

Mice were the most cooperative models, while guinea pigs were the laziest (they stayed still only with food present). Rats were the most attractive, and rabbits… were the most disapproving. Some of the pictures were used in the charity’s 2015 calendar, which helps raise funds for hundreds and hundreds of rescued animal.

Many of them are still looking for their new homes, so if you live in Italy, you can adopt one.


Alice Miceli - “88 from 14000”

The installation presents 88 mugshots, selected by the artist in the photographic archive of the former S-21 prison, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, where 14000 people were executed by the Khmer Rouge. The images of the prisoners were projected amidst a veil of sand, according to the time lived by each one of them inside the prison. One day in the life in the S-21 equals 1 kilo of sand, or 4 seconds of visibility in the video.