alice marathon

So who knows this may be the last time I’ll draw them getting along😉

My thought was that since it’s officially autumn and October is near, they’re watching a horror movie marathon…And Alice is just beyond disturbed at this point 😂

So let’s jus go with theyre watching The Human Centipede 2. Tbh I think this movie is truly disturbing for various reasons.

Anyway, have fun playing tomorrow guys!

grantaireandeponine-deactivated  asked:


  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?: Alice has no idea how to sext. Margo rolls her eyes constantly and asks her multiple times to please stop.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Margo, always cries at the same parts and threatens whoever sees her
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? Margo, too hungover to notice or care when the thing bursts to flames
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Again, Margo
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? Margo takes the spot again because she knows how much Alice hates it.
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? Uhh Alice?
  • Who laughs more during sex? Margo
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? They switch depending on who needs
In the midst of our Batman movie marathon...
  • Alice: "Is the actor playing Batman famous?"
  • Mommie: "Anyone who plays Batman is famous."
  • Alice: "Do you think I'd make a good Batman?"
  • Mommie: "I think you're missing a key physical attribute."
  • Alice: "What?"
  • Mommie: "A penis?"
  • Alice: "But he doesn't even show his penis... and I could get plastic surgery."