March 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

March 1 
Kiki dir. Sara Jordenö (LIMITED)
Nakom dir. Kelly Daniela Norris & T.W. Pittman (LIMITED)

March 3
Before I Fall dir. Ry Russo-Young (WIDE)

March 10
Raw dir. Julia Ducournau (LIMITED)

March 22
A Woman, a Part dir. Elisabeth Subrin (LIMITED)

March 24
Prevenge dir. Alice Lowe (LIMITED)

March 31
The Zookeeper’s Wife dir. Niki Caro (WIDE)
Carrie Pilby dir. Susan Johnson  (LIMITED)
For Here or to Go? dir. Rucha Humnabadkar (LIMITED)
All This Panic dir. Jenny Gage (LIMITED)


Riverdale | 1.08

I’m sorry, mom. I tried.

Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.


APEril 15/30 - we are half way through APEril, so today is the day for other booshy ape things - not just Dave Brown. - pt 6 is Alice Lowe turning ape in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace,  (I was tempted to add her stint as Monkey in the Priest and the Beast, but technically she wasn’t a real monkey, just smelled of peanuts), a bts shot by Dave Brown of Julian and Noel from the Boosh pilot episode, and Noel and a chimpanzee.