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She's just going to slowly slide a chair on over next to Bendy before sitting on it. Leaning back, Alice reaches out suddenly to grip his gloved hand with her own and gave a quiet sigh. She had gotten a little lonely without​ him today.

Tired melting demon just resting on your head. 


The mistletoe finally worked! 

mon amour

“Alice Sarah Barnes-Rogers, if you don’t get off the fridge you’re going to be grounded.” Steve sighed, exasperated. Bucky was behind Steve, rubbing the bridge of his nose and his temples. Their six year old daughter had managed to steal Steve’s phone, declaring that if she had his phone they couldn’t leave for their date. She’d promptly escaped to the top of the fridge with a juice box and Steve’s smartphone. Fifteen minutes of gentle persuasion to threats of grounding hadn’t made her do anything but giggle at her fathers.

“Never fear, I’m here.” Sam shouted from the doorway, coming into the kitchen. 

“Uncle Sam!” Alice squealed.

“Hey, kiddo! What are you doing all the way up there?” Sam asked.

“I have Daddy’s phone so he can’t leave.” Alice explained.

“But if your parents don’t leave, we can’t watch Tangled, princess!” Sam said. “Man, I was looking forward to watching that. Oh, well. I guess you guys aren’t going on a date, now. I’ll go home.”

“Wait!” Alice shrieked, climbing down onto the counter and thrusting Steve’s phone at him. “Wait, I wanna watch Tangled with you, Uncle Sam!”

“You’re welcome.” Sam said to Steve and Bucky before scooping Alice up in his arms.

“Sam, you are a miracle worker.” Bucky said, shaking his head.

“Nah, I’m just her favorite uncle,” Sam said. “Right, princess?”

“You can’t make her choose a favorite!” Bucky protested, even though Alice was nodding happily.

“I’m not making her do anything. I’m the only one who knows the whole soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast and every single line to Finding Nemo.” Sam said.

“Nat knows that, too.” Steve pointed out.

“Nat is a woman,” Sam reminded them. “Besides, there’s like, no competition. Remember the time when she was two and Tony gave her a wrench to play with and she almost knocked out her teeth? Or the time when Clint tried to teach her to use a bow and arrow when she was four and she broke a window and a TV? Or the time Thor and Bruce watched her together and Thor tried to show Bruce how to make some Asgardian technology and they set the lab on fire? I mean, really." 

"Please don’t remind me.” Bucky said, shaking his head. Steve did a very bad job of stifling his laughter.

“Alright, c’mon, mon amour.” Steve said. 

“See you guys later. Have fun!” Bucky said, kissing his daughter’s head and patting Sam’s shoulder. Steve did the same and the two left.

“Uncle Sam, can you make mac and cheese for dinner?” Alice asked.

“Did your dad teach you how to use those eyes?” Sam asked.

“No, Papa did. He said it made Daddy not go punch people when they were kids.” Alice said.

“So that’s how Bucky kept Steve in line…” Sam said.

“Who’s Bucky?” Alice asked.

“He’s- what?” Sam asked, confused.

“Who’s Bucky?” Alice repeated.

“He’s your father.” Sam said.

“No, my Daddy is Steve and my Papa is Mon Amour.” Alice explained. 

“Is that all your Daddy calls him?” Sam asked.

“No, sometimes he calls him nicknames. Like mon petit cher or sunshine.” Alice said.

“That might be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.” Sam said.

“Papa calls me возлюбленной.” Alice said.

“Voznebluhblud?” Sam asked. Alice giggled.

“Vozlyublennoy. It means sweetheart.” She translated.

“That’s adorable.” Sam said.

“So Papa’s name isn’t Mon Amour?” Alice asked.

“No, his name is James Buchanan, but we call him Bucky. Does your Daddy really never call him Bucky?” Sam asked. Alice shrugged. 

“Can we watch Tangled now?” She asked. Sam laughed and nodded, but not before texting Bucky, “ur daughter thinks ur name is mon amour and im gonna cry of cute”.