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Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.

Code: Realize: Bed Time Stories 

Tradition will always follow, and the Stellaworth edition of Code:Realize fan disk set was no exception to the usual “3P” art. Well almost. This illustration was featured on both a clear file, a booklet &  bromide card in the set. Here we have Van, Cardia, Lupin & Sissi ready for bed in old fashioned pj’s. The gentlemen seem to be reading a story to Cardia while she listens in. I usually prefer just Van & Cardia together, but Sissi adds a cuteness to the whole illustration that I’ll forgive Lupin being there. If you ask me, they’re probably reading “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves” or “Cardia in– Alice in Wonderland!” given some of the bonus illustrations released with other sets for the game. Good night and sleep tight! 

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the white rabbit | jungkook

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 Genre: Alice in Wonderland!AU

Word count: 387

➳ #1 in a series of drabbles set in the strange Wonderland, won’t you fall down the rabbit hole and meet the boys…? ➳

“I’m late, I’m late… oh no…”

The slow hum of the gleaming pocket watch ticks away in the pocket of the velvet waistcoat as it echoes through his ears, only heightening his nerves as his soft, wide eyes quiver under his curved lashes, ears trembling in the bed of his chocolate hair in nerves.

Always late…

His heart beats in time with the golden hands of the watch, the sound teasing, mocking almost, the mechanical thrumming in his chest serving as an infinite reminder of the futile rush, time does not exist in Wonderland. Minutes merge into hours, lacing into days, and yet who can tell? And yet, Jungkook continues to endlessly chase after the supposedly dwindling seconds, minutes, hours, the numberless dials of the clock eternally thumping against his chest.

He dashes through the forest, fingers brushing leafy branches away from his ears as he ducks, the flowers swaying, gossiping quietly among themselves in a collective, patronizing whisper, and yet Jungkook pays no attention, his mind obsessively set on his destination, on the time that torments his mind forever and always.

Everyone in Wonderland has their madness, the one aspect, concept, sin that is at the core of their insanity, their delusion, their sweet psychosis that led them down the rabbit hole to the strange land in the beginning of it all. 

Silly, silly rabbit.

And so he runs, and he runs, a murmur of “I’m late, I’m late,” repeatedly falling from his rosy lips, his fingers tugging at the aureate chain of the watch, much like the chain of time restricts around his beating heart, quivering, a constant reminder of his sins. The time of day he once could not bear to spare for his loved ones, always so caught up in fruitless human affairs.

Look where that got you, little rabbit…

“Must not disappoint the King…” he shudders, teeth tugging on the soft flesh of his lower lip as his legs speed ahead, ignoring the eerie giggling of the Cheshire cat echoing through the mystical forest, Jungkook waving his arms impatiently.

“Not now, Hoseok…” He hisses through his teeth, his ears constantly quivering, quaking as he bolts out from the trees, fast approaching the expanse of the red castle, home only to the formidable Red King… no-one angers the Red King.

Run, rabbit, run…

the mad hatter | taehyung

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Genre: Alice in Wonderland!AU

Word count: 446

➳ #2 in a series of drabbles set in the strange Wonderland, won’t you fall down the rabbit hole and meet the boys…? ➳

The clinking of delicate cups against each other echoes through the secluded area of the forest, soft chuckling heard from a large, endlessly stretching table. Its only inhabitants; Taehyung, better known as the Hatter, the sleepy dormouse, and the March Hare. Anyone passing through the forest - perhaps Jungkook, following his futile pursuit of time - hear the constant bickering taking place, voices wavering inconsistently.

Tread lightly, when it comes to the Hatter.

The citizens of Wonderland are all aware; no-one can ever predict the mood Taehyung will be at any time of day. Much like his madness, his disposition varies, alters, wavering much like his clear insanity. It’s clear in his eyes, the way his lips slowly curl up into his familiar box-like smile, pearly whites bared in a manner that seems equal parts welcoming and menacing. The glint that dances, travels around his brilliant irises when he stares at his guests, his gaze steadfast and unnerving, particularly those who have yet to have the grace - or misfortune, the dormouse would argue - to meet the Hatter.

Won’t you join him for tea?

The eternal tea party he sits through, his occasional giggles laced with both innocence and menace as he raises the thin china cup to his parted lips, his tongue swirling around the edge slowly, curiously, his head tilting in his unusual manner.

Reckless, he once was.

New inhabitants of the land often wonder how Taehyung came to be the mad hatter, came to live in Wonderland, curiously eyeing him as mental cogs whir in their minds, an attempt to work out the true reasoning behind his infatuation with hats. The answer is simple; his greed, when he was once an ordinary human, greed for the trivial pursuit of fashion, only ever settling for the highest of human brands, the same greed blinding him helplessly, removing his sanity part by part until there was nothing left. And so, like the others, he tumbled down the rabbit hole.

The sound of cups shattering.

He grits his teeth, cups occasionally flying at trees whenever the Cheshire cat comes around, his teasing grin as he fades into nothing, only to appear beside Taehyung, a constant attempt to push his buttons, to push him to the depths of his insanity.

And yet, Taehyung cannot pursue him, mental shackles bound around his waist, keeping him trapped at his chair, never to escape from the endless tea party he must host. Forever bound to pour glass after glass, cup after cup of scalding liquid down his throat, watching as Jungkook occasionally darts by with his quivering ears, constant mutters of time and must not be late.

Tread lightly…