alice in wonderland set


~Aqours  Wonderland set part 1 (idolized)~

(I don’t think I’ve ever edited so much so fast in my life yet.)

Mari as Cheshire cat

Dia as Queen of hearts

Hanamaru as The Caterpillar (Buttefly form)

You as Alice

Chika as The White rabbit

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~Aqours Wonderland set part 2 (idolized)~

The second part of the set came out today and this is the result :) First part can be found here!

Kanan as The White Knight

Yoshiko as The Red Knight

Ruby as Rose

Riko as The Hatter

As I am no Alice in Wonderland (nor Alice through the looking glass) expert, I only interpreted who may be who for the purpose of adding a qoute to the wallpaper. If there is another interpretation, I would love to read it, so please share a link!

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Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.

Code: Realize: Bed Time Stories 

Tradition will always follow, and the Stellaworth edition of Code:Realize fan disk set was no exception to the usual “3P” art. Well almost. This illustration was featured on both a clear file, a booklet &  bromide card in the set. Here we have Van, Cardia, Lupin & Sissi ready for bed in old fashioned pj’s. The gentlemen seem to be reading a story to Cardia while she listens in. I usually prefer just Van & Cardia together, but Sissi adds a cuteness to the whole illustration that I’ll forgive Lupin being there. If you ask me, they’re probably reading “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves” or “Cardia in– Alice in Wonderland!” given some of the bonus illustrations released with other sets for the game. Good night and sleep tight! 

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