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I wanted to post this before easter but it fits anyway because bunnies! 

I found some old concepts I did inspired in Alice in Wonderland and decided to apply them to charisk :3c 

Erza’s New Armor is really Wonderland-themed

I’m a little irritated with everybody plainly stating that Erza’s new armor is just a “playboy bunny suit”. Honestly when I first saw the armor at the end of Chapter 515, I got the feeling that it more of an “Alice in Wonderland” themed set of armor with it being a reference to the White Rabbit.

Now I know it’s a little far-fetched but this is just my theory of what the armor really is suppose to represent. And when I read the most recent chapter, I was looking at the imagery shots of this new requip armor and noticed a few minor details in it.

First, the outfit itself. There are some key hints to it being a Wonderland-themed armor instead of just a “playboy bunny suit”. 

• Okay, yes. The first thing noticeable about the armor is the accessories.. which are the bunny ears and tail.  

• She’s wearing either spade/heart-shaped earrings, which is another reference to Alice in Wonderland (aka the Queen of Hearts).

• She’s wearing a leotard-like waistcoat which includes a ribbon bow-tie. This ties into that the White Rabbit is notable for wearing a waistcoat. (Of course, this is Erza we’re talking about. So it a going to be revealing outfit (like most of her other requip armors)).

• Both of the swords have a checkered pattern design on the plates on the blades which would be another hint at the Wonderland theme.

• The attack spell that Erza used against Irene, she dubbed as the “Black and Red Twin Blades” which means the blades reflect those two colors. Now to go along with the Wonderland theme, the colors red and black usually associate with the Queen of Hearts.  

• So this leads me to believe that the colors of Erza’s armor will reflect this as well in that her outfit will have a black and red-colored (maybe even white) theme. This further points towards the armor having a Wonderland theme. 

• Now the White Rabbit was seen in some sort of association with the Queen of Hearts, whether he was her herald, servant, butler, whatever. He had some sort of relationship with her. And they are both key characters in  the “Alice in Wonderland” story.

So, I know that these are only very small details and that I’m nitpicking at this. But I just thought that I would share my theory and thoughts on this and I hope that was what Mashima was trying to show us. And if it wasn’t, so what, right? I’m just happy that he thinks of us fans and I hope he continues this manga. I love it so much.   ♥ ♥ ♥


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It’s a Mary Blair World

Blair was an Oklahoma-born artist who climbed the ranks of Disney’s art department in the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s, eventually designing Disney’s “It’s a Small World” in 1964. A graduate of LA’s legendary Chouinard School, her facades bring to mind the work of Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames, and Stig Lindberg; all playing in a similar way with stacked shapes and kinetic sculpture. An imaginative painter and designer, Blair helped introduce a modernist style to Walt Disney and his studio, and for nearly 30 years, he touted her work for his films and theme parks. She has more recently been referred to as the mastermind behind animated films like “Cinderella,” “Alice and Wonderland” and “Peter Pan,” although her credit on these films was often “color stylist.” Animator Marc Davis, who put Blair’s inspiring use of color on a par with Henri Matisse, recalled, “She brought modern art to Walt in a way that no one else did.“ Below is a sampling of her architectural work and film concept paintings.