alice in wonderland palette

⚡️SWATCHES⚡️ of the NEW Full Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay Cosmetics!!

Includes 21 shades, 18 of the shades are NEW! The other three shades are Alchemy from the Vice 3 Palette and Hatter and Metamorphosis from the Alice In Wonderland Palette!


Available October 26th at Sephora!

rax-writes  asked:

So my friend's bf bought her the Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette just 'cause she said on FB that she really wanted it. I feel like Warren would do shit like that. He's not great with expressing emotions, but he loves seeing you smile, so he'd always pick up on things you say you like. You commented that you want some eyeshadow palette? He doesn't know wtf that is but he finds it for you. You like that pretty necklace in that store? He buys it with no hesitation. I'm so in love w/ him, ugh.

warren worthington iii is a confirmed Sugar Daddy