alice in wonderland cakes


Tea Time in Wonderland

Somebody told me that the cloud beyond seems a rabbit, a white rabbit. And it’s pretty crazy because i notice that for the first time even if i draw it. It’s awesome how the brain work for you more than you think. Another person notice that my Madhatter version seems Bill Murray, and suddenly i imagine how awesome should be Murray playing this character. :D

It is actually my birthday today. >.< So happy birthday to me. ;] I am now 22. I failed to stay up until midnight and enjoy my last hour or so of being 21. XD I feel old already. -___- Sadly my boyfriend departs for Vegas this very morning with his family to see the Fiji rugby team play. =[ I really hope he comes back by Sunday at least. Oh well. To celebrate my birthday I have a lesson 4 Japanese test today. Yayyyy. Birthday pass please? =P

This was why she enjoyed baking. A good dessert could make her feel like she’d created joy at the tips of her fingers. Suddenly, the people around the table were no longer strangers. They were friends and confidantes, and she was sharing with them her magic.