alice in vault101

alice-in-vault101  asked:

Let's start with how are you doing? How many people did you have to kill for your URL? What video games do you play? and what would you do for a ice cream sandwich? (i can't spell or like the real one sorry)

Eh, I’m okay. My wife is at tech week and most everyone I know is busy or not around right now. But I won my strat-o-matic games for the week, so I’m still in first in the league with three weeks to play, so that’s cool.

I murdered absolutely no one to get this URL. It’s so much easier when you just steal a time machine and go back in time to get it before anyone else does.

Lately I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed. I play a lot of Dragon Age and MLB: The Show and Soul Calibur sometimes. I gave up on Skyrim, because I just got tired of it, unfortunately.

And I would… I don’t know. Drive down the block to the grocery store to get one? =)