alice in the country of hearts cosplay


Well, with April Season coming to a close, I wanted to share what I made earlier this month to celebrate!

Yessss, Joker’s mask! He came out so well, and I’d say it’s roughly size accurate as well. I got a mini day-pack and pinned him on there, so now Black’s talking smack to everyone behind me wherever I go! The long string of pearls moves freely (which is why they look wrong in the second pic) so they sway back and forth.
Pretty sure he hates being on something so pink.. lmao too bad <3
Hope everyone had a great April Season! \(;v;)/


Con Photo’s part one!
Today was SUPER awesome,and i loved being boris for a day~!
if you’re in one of these pics,let me know so i can tag you! likewise,if you took one of me,please tag me :)
@billymaysislemon (my roomie)
@hairyjesus (Lapis Cosplayer)

goldheartjessy  asked:

Not sure if I already ask, or not...or you already answer this, but um...Have you ever heard of Alice in the Country Hearts/Clover? Cause for some weird reason I think you'll fit the Mad Hatter. Sorry if this is being pushy.

Boris from HNKNA was actually one of my first cosplays! ~ I didn’t really like the Mad Hatters outfit though . 3 .