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The one with Alice and Gregory |D amigoodness. That was the hardest thing EVER

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"Ah! Help!" Alice screams. And Gregory immediately steps in, disarms Jerimoth in the blink of an eye, and throws him to the ground.

“ARCEUS ALMIGHTY HEY I— ACK!!!” He yelped as he was expertly thrown down by the dapper older gent, the small girl’s eyes wide with fear… or was it curiosity? A mix of both? Couldn’t quite tell. Regardless, he was pinned down by the man’s sole foot. He could even feel the glare digging into the back of his head.

“Listen buddy, I can explain!! I was just makin’ cops and robber poses when the little missus was suddenly right in front!” Didn’t look like he was buying it. “Really, bud! What, the gun? Eh. Found it on the ground, true story— Oh come on, I wouldn’t shoot a kiiiiiiiid—!!!”

He wheezed as the pressure on his back intensified.

“Gregory, that’s enough.”

“…Miss Andor?”

“That is enough.”

“Little miss, had I not stepped in, your life may have been at great risk…”

“No no, I believe him.” She looked gently down at the floored boy, who was still all grins and looking up at her as if she was some guardian angel. “My apologies. I will try not to get in your way of play.”

And with that she walked off, her butler in tow; the man warily glancing back at Jerimoth every now and then.

“…geez, if all kids had that sort a protection, they ain’t have ta worry none for the rest a their lives…”