alice in distortion

randomwriteronline  asked:

irl Alice is way more human than 2D Alice. She looks like an actual woman, and her clear eye is much more realistic that the other cartoon's (the inky one could be Alice's "real" eye, only distorted). Maybe Alice had so little personality she kind of got absorbed by Susie. Also, Striker and Fisher from the Butcher's Gang have a realistic eye each. Maybe the ones who got turned into them struggled a lot against the ink and a small part of them was saved?

Yeah, it definitely looks like there tends be a correlation with semi-human (solid) ink creatures keeping some degree of human eyes. Probably has to do with eyes being the windows of the soul and all that.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any good songs or even bands. i love any kind of music!

pink floyd, nirvana, the rolling stones, the beatles, led zeppelin, metallica, guns n roses, the who, the red hot chili peppers, black sabbath, iron maiden, black flag, queen, the clash, ac/dc, my chemical romance, bring me the horizon, marilyn manson, green day, motley crue, judas priest, slayer, death, slipknot, megadeth, pantera, motorhead, anthrax, deep purple, children of bodom, lamb of god, van halen, pixies, the ramones, the sex pistols, blink 182, dead kennedys, black flag, misfits, the offspring, rancid, bad religion, soundgarden, pearl jam, 7 year bitch, L7, social distortion, alice in chains, stone temple pilots, mudhoney, screaming trees, mother love bone, temple of the dog, green river, hole, bush, foo fighters, tad, skin yard, mad season, sonic youth, candlebox, 9 inch nails, melvins, rage against the machine are my favourite bands!