alice in a white hat

Surprise! Gift for @mikarons and @comixgum ❤ thank you for liking and supporting my idea, so this is for you two marvellous people❤

Dr. White Flug and Black Hatter with a shrinked Liddel, probably trying to find a way to set the poor boy back to his normal size xD❤

Spooky Box (bits and pieces)

- The stage behind the curtain looked like a castle interior, there was a big chrystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and there were three “glass windows” in the “brick wall”, and the lights sometimes looked as if they are shining through the windows. There were also some torches around with real fire burning in them.

- Aoi had huge red fake lashes, on the left side of his head there was some white, fluffy fake hair, on the right side he wore soft black feathers, since his hair is really short now. Also he lost quite a lot of weight since summer, he seemed very fragile. He had white lenses, and a black-white torn prince costume.

- Uruha had great fuwa-fuwa hair, somwhere in between Jareth the goblin king, and Corpse Bride. He also had white contact lenses, and wore a black organza top, which had bell sleeves, and on his arms he had swarowski crystal bands as a decoration of the organza top. 

- Reita was half like a knight in leather armor, stiched together from many parts on his arm, and half Edward Scissorhand (he even acted like Edward during the second encore, he walked in with his hand hanging from his wrist and made a silly grimmace). His face was painted grey, and he wore a silver mask, which covered him from nose to forehead, and he had in pink-ish lenses (looked like he had bloody eyes).

- Ruki was dressed as Rabbit from Alice, in a black-white striped tuxedo and matching top hat, and the hat had two lacy bunny ears, very big ones! He also had a huge pocket watch attached to his jacket. 

- Kai looked quite normal, his makeup wasn’t too shocking, and he had on a burgundy colored velveteen Dracula-coat. 

- Aoi was a bit bored during the live, he didn’t really made eye contact with any of his fans, which is rare from him. He definitely enjoyed a couple of songs, but it was very visible when he was satisfied with the song choices or not.

- Uruha on the other hand was in a really good mood, and he had been very active during the live. Once he went to Ruki, and Ruki somehow didn’t see Uruha behind himself and he bumped his face into Uruha’s face, who was smiling like “what, are you blind?”

- Reita played with brutal force, but he seemed to be hurt in his wrist, he was holding it a few times. 

- Ruki and Kai: Kai came back to encore alone first. He was talking a little about his feelings, that he gets a lot of love as a member of Gazette, and then started to play - and no one came back to the stage. He started drumming again, still nothing happened, so he stopped and smiled nervously, he knew that his “surprise” is coming. So, the others came to the stage, Reita was pushing Ruki in front of him - Ruki didn’t want to come, and then, a staff member brought in a plate, with a tiny halloween balloon on top. Ruki said that it’s russian roulette, and one of the cream puffs has a secret inside. Kai finally grabbed one and took into his mouth, and he almost fell down - there was wasabi in it! I guess it was intented to be funny, but it wasn’t funny at all - Kai had a running nose, he had tears in his eyes, he had to go down from the stage for a minute to blow his nose and drink some water, and when he went back on the stage and recieved his “real” cake, he said in a bitter voice “see, how much love I get as a band member” or something like that.  

- They came back once again after “Knocking on heaven’s door”, which was pretty surprising, Ruki did some MC again, talked about Knotfest, and that it’s the first Halloween live for the band, but he wants to do it again. 

- They played an amazing setlist, Ruki’s voice was better than ever before, he was in top shape! 

- The crowd was a bit strange, half of the people didn’t know the furis of old songs (or maybe didn’t like those songs?), so everyone was doing something different, even girls who had matching oufits and arrived as a group. There was some moshing, and during the second encore some fans in the first block were rolling on the top of the crowd. 

- There were tons of merch stuff, and quite a lot of gacha balls, but we didn’t knew that, so everyone was queueing in the cold rain for at least one and a half hours (some people even more!), to get five gacha balls, and then going back to the end of the line and wait 20-40 minutes again for another five balls. In the end, you could just take as many as you wanted. I feel sorry for the girls who were waiting from 7am in the cold weather for the sale to open at 12am, while people who arrived at 2pm could buy anything without waiting, and nothing was out of stock. I wish it wouldn’t be a hit-or-miss if there is enough merch stuff, or just barely enough and you really have to start waiting outside hours before the show. 

- There were a lot of guys, especially among Aoi’s fans. After a song two boys spontaneously shouted Aoi’s name at the same time, and everyone was laughing, even Aoi did! He also did some high (or better, low) fives with his fans around the stage before he left from the encore.