alice gomez

  • Alice: You were on the phone?
  • Mal: Long distance.
  • Morticia: God?
  • Mal: London.
  • Gomez: God lives in London?
  • Mal: My mother lives in London.
  • Gomez: Your mother is God?
  • Wednesday: Father-
  • Morticia: So, God IS a woman.
  • Wednesday: Mother-
  • Gomez: AND a relative.
  • Morticia: That's so cool!
  • Gomez: I'm gonna totally ask for favors.
  • Mal: Make them stop.
  • Wednesday: Oh, that I could.

under the sheetsa mixtape when you feel like making love with someone 
bite • troye sivan // i walk the line • halsey // touch • troye sivan // gasoline • halsey // good for you • selena gomez // honeymoon • lana del rey // i wanna be yours • arctic monkeys // ultraviolence • lana del rey // jealousy • the neighbourhood // acquainted • the weeknd // if you wait • london grammar // turning page • sleeping at last // be mine • alice boman // my love will never die • hozier // sex (acoustic) • the 1975


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anonymous asked:

Gutted the Gomez and Morticia necklace is already sold! 😭

I only posted it this morning and was going to share it when I got home from work, and it was already sold! I’m very proud. While it’s not the same I do have another Gomez and Morticia necklace listed. (Apparently some people keep a close eye on my shop to notice such things, I’m very grateful)

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Rain Dance - Alice Gomez and Marilyn Rife