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Isabel of Hearts 💘❤💘 | Daughter of Queen of hearts


She didn’t born in the isle of the lost, she lived in Wonderland until she was 9 but when the troops of Auradon took the Queen of Hearts’ castell, she ended up in the isle of the lost.

There she met Uma who almost immediately wants her to join her crew (remember that they were 9) and since then they became best friends, then she met Harry Hook and Gil when she was almost 11 and since then they were the other big and bad gang on the isle.

Gil and her get along very fast and very easy, since they met they became brother and sister. He always wanted to protect her and she loved that from her “brother”.

Ever since they met, Isabel was madly in love with Harry but when she didn’t get any answer from him, she started dating Jay, who actually liked her, a lot. He was head overheels for her, and then he went to Auradon and Isabel felt like her happines was taking away from her, again.

She hated everything and everyone on Auradon because of what they did to her, twice. Sometime after that she actually had the guts to tell Harry that she always liked him and that she dated Jay because she thought that she could never be something more with him. He told her that he liked her since the start too.


• Sassy and flirty
• She gets mad very easily but she tries to control herself.
• She is always trying to show that she isn’t evil so she can be returned to Wonderland.
• They can mess with her but no her friends
• She gets jealous very easy and with everyone, Uma when she is with another of her few friends, Harry when he is with a hot girl, Gil when he is protecting someone else.
• She do not love so many people but when she does, she loves a little to much.

• Now that she thinks she is bad she is worried to never be “good” again. • Uma, Gil and Harry tell her that she isn’t evil, she is just mad. She never believes them and keeps on worried about that.

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get to know me meme: → [2/10] Favorite Friendships

“I feel so warm… we know this calm won’t last for long, but we can’t help hoping that this dreamlike moment will last forever”

Not only isn’t this one of my favorite friendships but this is my main OT3 in anime/manga (and I have a lot of ot3s). Technically there’s a friendship that builds past these three into Break, Sharon, Reim, Elliot, Leo, and to so many other characters, hell, I love every damned character in PH way too much, but these three are so damned adorable to me.

Also going to include this in my OT3 list. So [1/??]