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A Dozen Women Scientists You’ve Never Heard Of

Dr. Alice Hamilton: pioneer in industrial medicine in the U.S
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin: pioneer in the movement to change the aim of medical study from the cure to the prevention of disease.
Dr. Lise Meitner: Pioneer in nuclear physics. First scientist to recognize that the atom could be split to release tremendous amounts of energy.
Dr. Leta S. Holilngworth: Pioneer in the science of clinical psychology. An early fighter for women’s rights.
Dr. Rachel Fuller Brown: Chemist. Co-discoverer of the antibiotic nystatin, the first antibiotic effective against fungus diseases.
Dr. Gladys Anderson Emerson: The first to isolate vitamin E from wheat germ oil and study its functions. Studied the possible relationship of nutrition to cancer and arteriosclerosis.
Dr. Maria Goeppert Mayer: Nobel Prize winner in physics fro her shell theory of the nucleus of the atom.
Dr. Myra Adele Logan: Pioneer in medicine. First woman surgeon to operate on the heart. First black woman to be elected a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
Dr. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin: Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1964. Determined the structure of important chemical compounds of the body by cyrstallography.
Dr. Jane C. Wright: Pioneer of chemotherapy. First black woman to be appointed to a high post in medical administration.
Dr. Rosalyn S. Yalow: Nobel Prize winner in medicine, 1977, for her discovery of radioimmunoassay
Dr. Sylvia Earle Mead: Marine biologist who led the first US team of female aquanauts in the Tektite Underwater Research Project 


My friend bought a Japanese magazine about ELP and she found some awesome comics. She has translated them into Chinese for me and some friends, then I translated them(roughly) into English and showed them to @auroreamethyste. We both think ELP fans here deserve a look XD  I have asked the friend who bought them for the permission. 

If there is any mistake, I’m sorry, my translation isn’t great. :p

🎃Happy Halloween 🎃

The one stealing candy from the bucket: Jimmy Page

The one who can’t decide what to wear: Rick Wright

The one planning to egg someone’s house: Paul McCartney

The one streaking through the neighborhood: Roger Daltrey

The one who spiked the punch: John Entwistle

The one who shows up drunk dressed as a princess: Percy Plant

The one introducing a blowup doll as their date: Greg Lake

The one dressed as a giant dick: Jeff Lynne

The one throwing candy at the trick or treaters: Brian Jones

The one dancing with the skeleton decoration: Suzi Quatro

The one dressed as the phantom and jumping out and scaring passerbys: David Bowie

The ones dressed like Frankenstein and his bride: Bob Dylan x Pete Townshend

The one dressed as the wolf man who keeps howling at the moon: George Harrison

The one dressed as Dracula and trying to bite everyone: Mike Campbell

The one dressed as the Mad Hatter and giving everyone over sugared tea: Gypsy (This was not on purpose this was shuffled I assure you!!)

The one hiding in the pool pretending to be a Kracken: Ringo Starr  (cut him off he’s had enough punch!! 😂)

The one stealing toilet paper from the house to TeePee the neighbors: Bonzo

The ones dressed as Frank-N-Furter x Rocky: Joey Ramone x Stan Lynch

The one running around with a bloody butcher’s knife: Jonesy

The one who switched the apples in the bobber with prunes: Ray Manzarek

The one dressed as a hooker: Gram Parsons

The one trying to watch horror movies: David Gilmour

The one singing drunk Halloween songs: Pamela Des Barres

The one who wants to go ghost hunting: John Lennon

The one dressed as a zombie asking people if they can eat their brains: Izzy Stradlin

The one wearing a shirt that reads this is my costume: Gregg Allman

The one who eats the candy in front of the children: Roger McGuinn

The one who hogs the candy corn: Michael Clarke

The one sprawled out on the floor from too much punch chanting this is my happy place: Stevie Nicks

The one dressed like a pirate asking everyone for their booty: Gene Parsons

The one dressed like a cat who keeps saying everyone needs a little Pussy in their lives: Tom Petty (I actually wrote this with him in mind and lo and behold this happens!!😂)

The one dressed like a giant gator chasing people yelling I’m gonna eat ya!: Iggy Pop

The one carving inappropriate thing into pumpkins: Howie Epstein

The one mooning trick or treaters: Alice Cooper

The one getting fake blood everywhere scaring the children: Nick Mason

The one dressed as a mummy but used toilet paper so their costume keeps tearing: Chris Hillman

The one dressed as a witch threatening the bad trick or treaters that they’ll eat them: Gene Clark

The one dressed like a playboy bunny and serving drinks: David Crosby

The one dressed like a devil who keeps hitting on the one dressed like an angel: Ron Blair x Roy Orbison

The one dressed like a flower who keeps slapping the guest dressed like a Honey Bee: Mike Nesmith x Marc Bolan

The two dressed as cowboys pretending to have and old western showdown: Jim Morrison x Benmont Tench (Whoo Floridian showdown!!)

The one dressed as a dragon using an aerosol can and a lighter for their special effects: Moonie (this fucking happened!!)

The one dressed as a skeleton fighting with the fog machine: John Densmore

The one dressed as a butterfly trying to put up the cobwebs and gets tangled: Keith Emerson

The one dressed like a clown surrounded by severed body parts handing out candy: Syd Barrett

The one dressed like Popeye swearing at passerbys: Joan Baez

The one who showed up in Gimp Gear as a costume: Todd Rundgren

The two dressed like Bonnie and Clyde: Roger Waters x Carl Palmer

The one dressed as nun spanking people with their ruler: Stu Sutcliffe

The one dressed up like a detective asking everyone if they need a Dick: Robby Krieger

[This was fun 😂]

~ 💘

So this is a track I started at the end of August and then got frustrated with and left for months, now I’ve come back to it I actually quite like it (probably because I’ve forgotten all the problems I had with it…)

But anyway give it a listen, its all midi instruments except for the vocal samples which I took from vinyl record called Music Of Africa, from BBC Records.

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