“The fan, identified only as Amanda, bought tickets to see Depp and his Hollywood Vampires bandmates Alice Cooper and Aerosmith ax man Joe Perry — before an accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down.

Because Amanda was unable to attend the concert on her own, her hometown donated an ambulance to transport her to Foxwoods for the show. When she arrived, Amanda was greeted by Depp, Cooper and Perry, who visited with her in the ambulance, then escorted her to the side of the stage, where she and her family watched the show.”

Don’t you fucking dare say John Christopher Depp doesn’t care for his fans. Don’t. You. Fucking. Dare.


Alice: Well, you know, the nice thing about it, and this is something that people should know about Johnny. One night we had 60 people and one of the girls had brain cancer. They brought her in on a stretcher. Johnny, myself and Joe. Johnny spent an hour with her, just whispering in her ear, and her talking, she could barely talk. We were almost late for the show. He wouldn’t leave. And we finally got back on stage and did it. And after the show, he spent another half hour with her.

MJP: God bless you guys.

Alice: That is just really, … I mean, that told me something about him.