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WHITE SKY ~ a playlist for the cold days of december

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  1. vampire weekend white sky
  2. destiny’s child 8 days of christmas
  3. the xx angels
  4. lorde white teeth teens
  5. florence + the machine cosmic love (unplugged)
  6. mariah carey all i want for christmas is you
  7. jennylee long lonely winter
  8. frank ocean pink + white
  9. vampire weekend obvious bicycle
  10. frank sinatra let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!
  11. wolf alice every cloud
  12. oscar and the wolf winterbreaks
  13. bon iver holocene
  14. kylie minogue santa baby
  15. arctic monkeys baby i’m yours

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Blood Bank - Bon Iver

Holocene - Bon Iver

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

Songbird - Fleetwood Mac

Oh Daddy - Fleetwood Mac

I Forget Where We Where - Ben Howard

Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich 

More Than Letters - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Retrograde - James Blake

The Wilhelm Scream - James Blake

Blush - Wolf Alice

Lovely Day - alt-J

Taro - alt-J

Tessellate - alt-J 

Infinity - The xx

@relina-ru Told me that they think that the DLC will happen in The Towers. As I posted before I do this they are right. We may even play as Jenny Roland in The Towers which may be Zeichner facility. There is a chance we may meet the Three Lucid Dreamers that were talked about in Whistleblower. We may have some more intel/interactions between Miles, Waylon and Blake. There is a chance that the distant towers is our next stop in the DLC. Seeing that a facility will take us back to a Mount Massive sort of feel would be prudent choice. Also, they can cross it along with Temple Gate. This would be a VERY interesting sequel then. Like extremely engaging and awesome as well. It would be great to bring back old characters if possible. 

Like, can you imagine Eddie Gluskin as a demon like Loutermilch haunting some facility and singing in a mechanical or gurgle tone “I want a girl”? Though, there is a high chance they won’t bring Eddie back, I do think that other characters can be explored. Like we may get to know what is happening with Pauline Glick and Paul Marion and Marion’s daughter Alice. We may get more information on Simon Peacock, as in which division he worked in and how he became an enemy of Murkoff. How he got aware of Knoth and the Walrider project and if he is responsible to what happened to Alice, or if that is just a ploy by Murkoff themselves to see where and what Marion would so and if him establishing contact with Peacock would bring them closer to Simon and Waylon. Similarly, we may also get some answers to what happened to Miles in the first place. 

nocturnal a playlist for tired and sleepy people (requested by anon)

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still from like crazy

au in which Bellamy realizes he’s surrounded by cute homosexual couples (Clarke and Lexa, Monty and Miller, Harper and Monroe) and he finds himself wondering what is it like to kiss a guy and, as he thinks about it, he casually bumps into Murphy and decides he wants to find out and tries not to sound that awkward and ridiculous in asking if he can kiss him and oh god Murphy is a bit taken aback but he’s like ok let’s do this and it turns out WONDERFULLY for the both of them~

please someone write this in delicious detail or I’ll die

The Three Sisters (1864). Sir William Blake Richmond (English, 1842-1921). Oil on canvas. Courtesy Tate.

Alice Liddell (Lewis Carroll’s inspiration for Alice in Wonderland) and her two sisters, Lorina (who inspired the Lory) and Edith (who inspired the Eaglet). The painting is set against the background of the Great Orme, Llandudno’s famous mountain. Richmond said about Alice Liddell: “Little Alice, to whose pretty face and lovely coloring no reproduction can do justice, is seen on the right in profile, peering at the big volume on her sister’s lap.”