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I was thinking, and this is kind of a follow-up question to the last one, haha. Anyways, just out of curiosity, what are the ethnicities and ages of ALL the characters (past and present, all realms/groups) of the Namesake cast?

Here you go! I’m not including the common ones like Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell, L Frank Baum, etc, and I don’t have all of the other cast worked out yet but I should do so

  • Emma Crewe, born 1986 - Half-Puerto Rican/half-French - born in Montreal, Quebec
  • Elaine Crewe, born 1994 - Half-Puerto Rican/half-French - born in Montreal, Quebec
  • Daniel Crewe, born 1962 - French - Normandy, France
  • Ben Kench, born 1985 - English Canadian - born in Kingston, Ontario
  • Alice Purcell, born 1979 - British/Wonderlander - born in the Merseyside area of England
  • Suzan, born 1973 - UK British - born Liverpool, England
  • Wendy Shepard, born 1933 - UK British, Uganda descent - born in London
  • Jack Wright, born 1978 - Irish-American - born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Jason Crawford, born 1963 - Akan ethnicity - born in Ghana
  • Nandita Durubashi, born 1964 - Bengali - born in East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh (fled into India during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971) 
  • Vanessa, aka 46, born 1985 - Russian - born in Moscow, Russia
  • Warrick and Selva Chopper are 26 and were born in Oz
  • Nose was created in 1983 in a location unknown, and One would have my head if I published it at this point

And there is a spoiler character under the cut

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