alice are you happy now

a small drawing i’ve done for Mochijun!
It’s been a wile since i drew the golden trio all together! it surely brings back a lot of memories and feeling (look who’s crying again? yep, me.)

also, i’m really sorry for the lack of stuff, but i’m currently studying for my finals, and i really don’t have a minute of free time ;___;
can’t wait to finish them, so i can actually return to commissions and  projects i had in mind! <3
i’m really sorry, but please, just wait a little longer <3

anonymous asked:

Ok Nage how about meeting the good Alice right now would you be happy?If you don't want to respond to this your choice.

Nage: Alice corrupted years ago, is not the same as I knew.


Well, if that’s what 10 years of marriage looks like, I’ll take it.

anonymous asked:

You, Jefferson, and Alice are now the happy parents of three and one of Jefferson's favorite things to do are have the whole family help him design his hats. When your littlest ones design things with little blobs and swirls of color, Jefferson puts the most care into those hats and is so proud when they become the most popular in his shop. He uses the money to buy beautiful fabrics for you and leather for Alice's boots and such.

this is such a cute idea 

Fluffy Friday™

You’ve got a new crush
And I’m happy for you
I hope they take you all the way through wonderland
I don’t love you anymore,
well I don’t think I do
But knowing you don’t love me still stings
But I knew I couldn’t be your Alice
because I was the red queen
you seem happy now
I’m happy for you
I’ll still play our song
And my heart will still drop
I still cry about you
And wonder if your okay
and I’m sorry…
I’m sorry okay?!?!
by the way, your necklace matches mine
we really will always be connected I suppose.
—  Run from the red queen, little rabbit. Run.

I was wrong… You’re not Hermione. You’re a much nerdier, prettier Draco.

Classic Alice, episode 55, Paradise (to be) Regained