alice android

Possible game in the making

Hey robo-bros. Just wanted to give you a little update that some of you might be interested in. So it turns out that I actually REALLY like coding, might be switching my major to it, but that’s beside the point. At the moment I’m working on a basic little text-based RPG starring my android, Alice.

It basically goes like this: the game is obviously text heavy, since it is ONLY text, and you control a memory-wiped Alice as she explores the remains of a facility. You can find clues that slowly come together to tell the story of Alice, of the researchers, of the other androids, and finally of everyone’s ultimate fate. Helping her remember who she is is a good thing!…right?

The game is primarily focused on exploration and data gathering, but there will also be fights and encounters with other robots. I’m not saying I’m making the next GOTY over here in my free time using a simple coding program, but I’m having a lot of fun with it and when it’s completed if others would like to play, I’d love to share it?

Just a couple screenshots of what I have so far (fight sequence is coded but not included because it needs refining)