alice and philip


letters from princess Alice of Battenberg to her son prince Philip

How wonderful everything went off & I was so comforted to see the truly happy expression on your face & to feel your decision was right from every point of view | Alice to Philip, 2 December 1947.

I was so sad to see you all go off […] & I miss my talks with you. I am so grateful that my health permitted me to travel to England & have such a wonderful time with you in consequence | Alice to Philip, 12 August 1962 

Dearest Philip, be brave & remember I will never leave you & you will always feel me when you need me most. All my devoted love, your old mama | Alice to Philip, 1 august 1966.

It’s odd that, in The Crown, they had Prince Philip’s mother dressed in her Nun’s Habit at the wedding, when she definitely didn’t.

Here’s screencaps from the show:

Ad here’s a photograph taken at the actual wedding:

This is her on the right, with Queen Mary:

I remember reading the Queen Mum had been worried she’d show up in her nun’s habit and cause the family embarrassment (why a nun’s habit is embarrassing I have no clue), and she had a chat with Philip who persuaded his mother to wear the hat and dress pictured.

I think they, for some odd reason, went with the coronation outfit instead.

That’s her up in the front, in an outfit that looks remarkably like a habit don’t you think? And almost exactly like what she’s wearing in the show. For a show that I see getting all these accolades for accuracy in costuming, this seems like a pretty obvious faux-pas.


European Home Computers (part 2 of 2)

Is it just me, or are the graphics of these European computers on display here focusing on different color pallets than the American counterparts? Jeremie Marsin & Thierry Mazzoleni sure went to the trouble of showcasing a wide variety of manufacturers. 

Oh, and there is one machine here I actually recognize: the Matra-Hachette Alice 32, the bright red Tandy MC-10 clone.  I had a dwarf hamster in high school named after its successor, the Alice 90.  Jeremie & Thierry said they would try to find one to bring in the future.

“Following our French Computers exhibit from last year, we will expand to all Europe this year with microcomputers from the 1980s and 1990s. France, the U.K., Italy, and possibly even the U.S.S.R. will be represented with machines from Amstrad, Exelvision, Matra-Hackette, Micronique, Olivetti,Philips, Radiola, Schneider, Sinclair, and Thomson.”

According to information provided to the Swedish Women’s Weekly, we can now confirm that the entire Swedish Royal Family will be in place at Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister’s funeral.

As we previously reported  the Countess died on June 26 at 91 years old. The funeral will be held in southern Sweden on July 12, two days before Victoria’s 40th birthday. The date was chosen because the entire royal family will be gathered.

—  Svenksdam

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European Home Computers (part 1 of 2)

You would be amazed at how many computers Jeremie Marsin & Thierry Mazzoleni can cram into an exhibit.  There are so many, I’m having to split this into two posts!  Many of these machines required power and video signal conversion, or dedicated PAL monitors in order to work correctly.  The 1980s European home computer ecosystem is so very different than anything I’m familiar with. 

“Following our French Computers exhibit from last year, we will expand to all Europe this year with microcomputers from the 1980s and 1990s. France, the U.K., Italy, and possibly even the U.S.S.R. will be represented with machines from Amstrad, Exelvision, Matra-Hackette, Micronique, Olivetti,Philips, Radiola, Schneider, Sinclair, and Thomson.”


“He looks first at her, not to [Alice], interestingly, which is revealing of who he really cares about.” - Writer/Director Nick Willing, Audio Commentary

The British royal family at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. 1953.

Group includes: Princess Alexandra of Kent, Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Marina (Duchess of Kent), Prince Henry (Duke of Gloucester), Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Prince Edward of Kent, Princess Mary (Countess of Harewood), Prince William of Gloucester, Prince Richard of Gloucester and Princess Alice (Duchess of Gloucester). 

Wearing her father’s necklace and looking radiant, Elizabeth made her entrance into the ancient abbey in a dress that had taken 3,000 clothes coupons and bore 10,000 pearls. Some 2,000 guests were waiting, among them one of the largest gatherings of royalty since the time of Queen Victoria. All eyes were on the silk-clad figure as she walked down the long nave. There was an awareness that history was being made; all the ritual of a royal wedding in this building so alive with past spectacle. Princess Marina, who had helped to facilitate the match with private meetings at Coppins between her young cousin, Prince Philip, and her niece, Princess Elizabeth, was delighted. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were waiting in some trepidation as Prince William was to hold the long train of her dress as a page. From across Europe they came drawn to this great royal reunion, like times of old. Many were direct descendants of Queen Victoria, such as King Michael of Romania, Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain and Queen Ingrid of Sweden; others were related by marriage, such as Uncle Charles.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Princes At War by Deborah Cadbury


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