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So you just watched Syfy's Alice

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enamoratrix posted them in three parts: I, II and III

insanixtea did the math on how much time passes here vs. Wonderland

You might wonder how Hatter knew Mad March… a cut scene hints that they were brothers.

And you probably want to know what was up with his right hand?

Maybe you’d like to know why’d he mention pizza

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The right kind of bad with the wrong kind of good

        Barry didn’t know where he was. All he knew was that, one minute, he was running after his boyfriend, trying to give him the engagement ring he’d snuck in Barry’s pocket back, and the next, Barry was chasing after a group of men who threw a bag over Len’s head and dragged him away.

           After that, it was like an acid trip. Barry chased the man through an alley, only to see him jump through a mirror. Barry hadn’t been able to slow down in time before he skidded into the mirror and fell through the glass.

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