alice doll

Baby Earp gone?

Nicole and Dolls sharing shady looks?

Nicole has Bulshar’s ring?

Waverly isn’t an Earp but also isn’t half revenant?

Nicole still doesn’t know that Waverly and Rosita kissed?

Rosita on the run from Wynonna?

Jeremy is supernatural?

Doc is mortal and went to hell when he died?

Bobo is at the bottom of a well?

Demon Clootie resurrected?

Wynonna knows where Mama Earp is and how to reach her?

One year until season 3?


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Wanted to do another drawing where the characters were wearing the classic comics outfits, but this time with everyone at the dinner dream sequence.

I didn’t intend for this to look so Last Supper-y, but I moved everyone to one side of the table so we wouldn’t just see the backs of their heads haha.

Also this may be the most number of doll characters I’ve drawn in a single scene 😂

Inspired by the video game series

“American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns”

This REanimation has been quite the involved project.  Six different artists have come together with their expertise combined with my efforts to bring her to life!  I’ve done my best to emulate the Alice Madness character from top to bottom. She’s taken over a year to complete :)

Beginning as Cleo from the MH doll line, factory paint, hair and clothing has been removed, providing a clean slate for the new Alice.

I’ve hand rooted her new hair plug by plug with a rich and natural feeling raven black (saran). Her eyes are a beautiful realistic green glass. I’ve permanently set these along with upper and lower black lashes.

Her faceup has been sealed 3 times prior to color application and sealed again afterwards. (I use professional grade chalk pastels, water color pencils and acrylic gloss for eye and lip shine.

She wears an ensemble brought together by myself and two other artists involving seamstress work, clay miniature signature Vorpal blade and her signature Omega necklace. Her dress is made from a variety of materials and is adorned with miniature grommets and leather-like straps, buckles, ribbon and leather dress bow. I’ve also added arm straps on top of fitted finger-less arm warmer style gloves.

thedaughterwhosews made her thigh highs and arm warmers and her wonderfully accurate boots were created by a great friend and fellow artist rosdolls

Alice would love to have a forever home with someone who will love her as much as I do having created her.  :)  <3

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