American mcgees alice asylum . Here is all the concept art for Alice’s new dresses aside from her original blue and the inferno which is on a earlier post . Each dress is so beautiful in it’s own unique way the game is set to focus on the time she spent in the asylum and knowing the twisted beauty of wonderland and how it gets corrupted to the point it was. I love alice madness returns as do I love the original American mcgees alice. The story is great and the lore is fantastic . Here’s to hoping this game becomes part of our reality soon.


                “Batim and Fnaf in: a nightmare???”

oooohh it seems that an individual is not welcome in Bendy’s room

I just wanted to do that, it’s an opportunity to make them together ♥

fhghgjfjdh yay Alice

Why does the “strong female lead” cliche only have one look? It’s always a white (or white passing) woman with dark brown hair?

I’m not trying to shit on the movies or the fans, im just sick and tired of Hollywood saying they’re making a movie with a strong independent female lead and me knowing exactly what they’ll look like.