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Famous Aquarius

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—– I learned not to get involved, By admitting more about myself,

Takes one to know one honey, trust me take a look inside yourself”

01. Miasma Sky - Baths | 02. Spotless Mind - Jhene Aiko | 03. Her Breath Is the Wind - Instamatic | 04. Home - Daughter | 05. Takes One To Know One - Maria Mena | 06. Season Poem - Gregory and the Hawk | 07. The Sinking Man - Of Monsters and Men | 08. Close To You - Olivia Ong | 09. Recessional - Vienna Teng | 10. As I Am - Alica Keys

Cat loves Kat

 *Disclaimer: Not actually everyone’s favorite unrequited ship

THESE WORDS ( I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU ) Natasha Beningfield ♥ QUIET Lights ♥ CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE Ingrid Michaelson ♥DIRTY LITTLE SECRET The All-American Rejects ♥MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE Adele ♥ YOU DON’T KNOW MY NAME Alica Keys ♥STARRING ROLE Marina and the Diamonds ♥LOVE SONG Sara Bareilles ♥YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Leftover Cuties ♥YOU BELONG WITH METaylor Swift ♥ IF I DIE YOUNGThe Band Perry

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The signs singing voice

Aries Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande
Taurus Hozier/ Jessie J
Gemini Nick Jonas/ Camila Cabello
Cancer Shawn Mendes/Alica keys
Leo Bruno Mars/ Miley Cyrus
Virgo Niall Horan/Taylor Swift
Libra Sam smith/ Mary lambert
Scorpio John Legend/Beyoncé
Sagittarius Brendon Urie/ Demi Lovato
Capricorn Adam Levine/Adele
Aquarius Zayn Malik/Rihanna
Pisces Ed Sheeran/Ellie goulding