I am not done because yuuki kaji voices takumi so I did what I had to do


»  #miles xanthous #aha one final bit of lyricssss yushhh #perfect ending #I mean #there technically are such things as relationships that are very close but not like couple kind of close like Morgiana and Alibab #like almost siblings but nottttttt…..?

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^^^^ that icon represents them tbh. Its the unconditional love or agape??? or family! I hink ALibaba did mention once she’d like a sister to him and all about those tags is just yes, yES FUCK YE S! ]


Otafest 2015. This was The Squad.

My sis symphoniclolita (Viral and Jaf’) and I (Juju and Mei) met myriadtruth(Alibab) and Essy (Sinbad) by chance there and we basically snowballed. We’ve never been in a cosplay group so I was so happy, everyone was so awesome and we had a great time!!!! 

The Magi turnout was excellent and everyone’s cosplays were on point. The first day was rainy so not many group shots, but luckily the second day was nice!

 I don’t know all you guy’s tumblrs so Morg, Al, Sinbad 2, Baby Jaf, Yam and Hakuei, tag yerselves! Also shoutout to everyone else I met that weren’t included ere, you guys are awesome!

Also, my Juju worked out pretty great, and man I love that Giant Fork.

I could go on but I’m just gonna dump off a bunch of pics that prove how great a time it was

10/10 would go again