winu-bignsmall  asked:

Magi already had an Hogwarts AU and Loveless AU. What bugges me is that there's no Soul Eater AU/Noragami AU (where one of your otp prtner became weapon for the other). None of the fandom I like have this au. I like this au. I had daydreamed last year of an au where Kouen asked Alibaba to be his weapon instead, and that Alibab is both Handler/Meister and a Weapon at the same time. Morg is a weapon. Aladdin is the magician alibaba adopted. Please.


Morg would be like the equivalent of a death scythe probably

Sinbad is a meister and Ja’far is the weapon

Shar and Yamu are both different types of weapons and argue over whos is better

Kouha is a giant blade and Koumei is…. what would koumei be actually? 

Titus is like a super rare weapon, and marga is a tiny weapon!