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Headcanons for aladdin,titus,vittel and alibaba being told their s/o is dead (and they're convinced)but later that noght their s/o vists them?(good luck with the new blog!have some celebration food!🍨🍩🍰🍕🍝🍟🍫☕🍸🍺🍷🍹🍻🍧)

Sure! And thank you so much, dear! Hope you enjoy~! (Oh, and I will do Vittel as well, although I’m not done reading Sinbad no Bouken – still on the Slave Arc – but since I know him, I guess I can accept it :D)


  • He won’t believe what has reached his ears once he hears the heartbreaking news and, despite the shocked expression on his face, he refuses to lose hope. He is going to ask where his s/o was last seen but, getting no answer, he finds no other choice than to find them.
  • Aladdin doesn’t give up until very late, when both Alibaba and Morgiana tell him he needs to get some rest. Feeling down, the young Magi accepts reluctantly, leaving the place with a sad frown.
  • He cannot sleep that night. He tries to convince himself that they are okay, and not dead when he couldn’t even find their body. He stares through the window as worry swirls in his chest.
  • There is suddenly an excited series of knocks on his door. Aladdin looks up and sees his friends looking at him with huge smiles, barely able to contain their joy. At that very moment, the hope left in the boy’s chest increases.
  • He follows them downstairs, hoping to see what he thought he was going to find. And there they were, looking down, yet trying to put on an apologetic smile.
  • At this, Aladding smiles and approaches them. Telling them how he was so happy that they were okay, and that he was going to make sure they protected him. At that moment, the only thing he needed was the reassuring warmth of his s/o’s body to tell him they were, indeed, with him.

Titus Alexius:

  • Pretty much just as shocked as Aladdin. However, he doesn’t take the news with such tranquility, and announces rather loudly that it’s impossible that they are dead, that’s it’s only a horrible joke.
  • But, deep down, he is terribly depressed. As a Magi, that he couldn’t pay more attention to his s/o. He will need some support from Marga while he cries and cries because he really doesn’t know what to do.
  • He won’t talk to anyone, except the girl, whose attempts to cheer him up are futile, as he decides to lie on bed and wonder why he is doing nothing; yet he feels so impotent.
  • Later that night, he finds himself sleeping next to Marga, dry tears clad to the skin on his checks. Suddenly, he feels a tickling sensation on his face, and stirs while waking up, tired eyes trying to search for the source in the darkness.
  • He finds nothing, but can only hear his name being whispered by a voice he knows too well. His eyes well up with tears as he reaches to feel his s/o’s hair, face, hands, not believing they were actually there with him, despite having tries to keep hope until the last second.
  • Without bothering to turn on a lamp, he brings them down with himself on the mattress, waking up Marga as he sobs into their shoulder, words or relief cascading from his lips while he enjoys the feeling of their hand stroking his long hair, and being embraced by the most important people to him became the best reassurance.


  • This boy is panicking so much and he isn’t even going to try to hide it, not even deny it. It’s no use, those words hit him like a splash of freezing water, making his legs grow numb and his body to hit the floor.
  • Anyone’s attempts to comfort him may be futile; maybe Sinbad could stand a chance to calm the boy down, even Ja’far or Mahad. But, one way or another, regardless his voice dies down or not, his tears won’t stop falling.
  • After a while, he excuses himself from work to go to his room. He knows he has to do something, but his low spirits simply cannot let him. What if it wasn’t that they were dead, but instead decided to leave him? He had been an assassin, after all, and wouldn’t really be surprised if his s/o thought lowly of him.
  • The more thought he puts into it, the more depressed he gets, to the point where he literally soaks his pillow with bitter tears. He could have asked both Sinbad and Ja’far to help him with the search, but he felt he had already caused enough problems.
  • That night, someone comes inside his room, yet he refuses to look over. He hears his former chief, Ja’far’s voice, asking how much more he was going to stay there isolated. Giving no answer other than a broken sob, he curls inside his sheets, only to feel the weight of someone else on the mattress. Then a voice that for sure didn’t belong to the young, former assassin.
  • Shooting up into a sitting position, his eyes widen as he finds his lover there, smiling at him almost carefully, while scratching the back of their head and apologizing for worrying him. However, before any more words can leave their mouth, Vittel has already tackled them down in a hug, sobbing loudly about how happy he was that they hadn’t left him.


  • He simply cannot believe it. At first, he wants to laugh it off and asks to not be told such a terrible joke as that again. However, as the person’s dark darkens, he starts to realize it might not be just a joke. Incredulous, he shakes the person’s shoulders wildly, asking how that could have happened.
  • Still bewildered, he just runs away in sears of his lover, even using Amon’s Djinn Equip in order to go quicker. He needs some verification, to be assured they are okay. However, he ends up coming back with empty hands.
  • Depressed, he refuses to talk to anyone, because he knows he will easily snap, and he doesn’t want that to happen in the heat of his anger and frustration. Instead, he locks himself in his room and sits down on the mattress, thoughtful.
  • Two people. He is aware that he might have lost two persons, and it was his fault. First, Cassim, and now his lover. If only he had paid more attention to them… His hands clutch into fists as he punches the pillow while screaming with all his might, trying to unwind the frustration and pain in his gut.
  • He finally falls asleep, exhausted and feeling empty. His sleep is full of nightmares that cause him to wake up sooner than he had thought. Yet he had managed to sleep, at least, even if it didn’t carry away the pain.
  • Suddenly, he hears his voice, and searches for the source, looking around franticly. There, by his door, his lover stands with a doubtful expression, and asks if they can come in. Instead of answering with words, Alibaba stands up from his bed in a hurry, tripping over the sea of messed sheets by the floor, yet managing to reach them in a bone-crushing hug, begging them not to leave him ever again.