(In which Kougyoku learns to ride a bike and rickshaw racing becomes an international craze.) Takes place in Kou Company Arc. Canon compliant, I promise.

“Financial report from the tenth southeast region, comprised of the provinces of Wang, Talu, Sung, and Yunhua. Addressed to Her Majesty, Empress Ren Kougyoku.

“Greetings to Her Highness!

“Your Excellency, we have been receiving numerous complaints of fresh produce arriving at the market in undesirable condition due to insufficient wagons and oxen to transport the sheer volume of raw material from farm to market. In addition, the combination of overloading and poorly constructed roads in the less-developed towns further delays the transfer of goods.

“Aside from this, recent bouts of stormy weather have severely affected the fishing industry.  Travel by sea has also lessened, as merchants are wary of shipwrecks. The result is increased activity at the transport circles. Unfortunately, our supply of magoi cannot keep up with the demand. Many of our staff have fallen ill from working to exhaustion.

“Another problem is that due to the substantial number of merchants that have taken to using the air fleet, reports of sky pirate attacks have become more frequent. A proposed solution would be to allow them passage through the transport circles. However as earlier mentioned, we are presently incapable of making such an operation feasible.”

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Signs as Magi characters ~

Aries: Alibaba Saluja

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Taurus: Sphintus Carmen

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Gemini: Kouha Ren

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Cancer: Titus Alexius 

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Leo: Sinbad

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Virgo: Morgiana 

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Libra: Hakuei Ren

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Scorpio: Kougyoku Ren

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Sagittarius: Aladdin 

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Capricorn: Ja’far 

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Aquarius: Hakuryuu Ren

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Pisces: Judar 

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