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How would Alibaba, Judal, Kouen, Hakuryuu, and Aladdin be with a fem!S/O who may be delusional? That is, she's completely fine mentally except that when anyone asks where she's from she insists she's from the sky. Would they believe her, humor her, think she's insane, think she's insane at first but slowly come to believe her, etc.? How would they calm her down when she's upset because someone said something cruel to her? Do they get embarrassed, frustrated, or angry when she talks about it? etc

  • He thinks she’s a bit funny about it but thinks there might be some truth to it.
  • After all, if there can be ships in the sky, why not a home right?
  • He’s always very supportive of her and doesn’t like anyone saying terrible things to her
  • He knows they may not believe her, but he reassures her not to mind them
  • He doesn’t mind when she talks about it, even if other people are there too
  • He loves her and would never even consider the possibility that she would embarrass him or frustrate him with it


  • He finds her interesting as well as her little quirk
  • He’ll humour her for the most part, but somedays might try to find out why she would think that
  • He can’t really imagine anyone being able to live in the sky
  • He is amused by her talking about it but will retaliate harshly towards anyone speaking ill to her
  • He doesn’t show too much care towards her talking about it, sometimes just patting her head instead of saying anything


  • He’s mainly curious as to what could have caused this kind of delusions
  • Maybe she hit her head at some point and this was the result?
  • He won’t really believe her, but won’t dismiss the idea to her
  • He may have a healer check her out after a while, hoping there was some way to help her with this
  • However, anyone who makes her upset will be brought to him immediately. He’s not happy with them. Making her upset is as bad as insulting his goatee.
  • He’ll come to love her even her delusion, but won’t show much emotion about her talking about it, as he does with just about anything else unless they’re alone


  • He might think she’s a little crazy at first, but somehow she puts up a good arguement as to how she’s from the sky
  • He’s likely to slowly believe it is possible but part of him still has resignations about it
  • But when she’s upset because someone said something to her, he’s very supportive of her
  • He tells her it doesn’t matter if anyone believes her because she believes it
  • He’ll get a little nervous when she talks about it, but usually only when someone else is there too. He doesn’t want them to say anything rude to her
  • But he’ll listen to her every word regardless


  • Besides Alibaba, he’s the most likely one to believe her
  • I mean, come on, he’s from another world and was raised by a giant blue man
  • He’ll hug her and tell her not to care what anyone else says because he believes her
  • He’ll tell her stories of his home if it helps her too
  • He only gets angry at anyone who tells her to stop playing around or calls her insane when she talks about it