List of endless Alikou AUs: King & Empress (penpal AU)

They were the youngest rulers. Every year all the country leaders would reunite at the International Alliance HQ to discuss about the current world’s situation. There, bachelor King Alibaba met the recently crowned empress Ren Kougyoku. Being a new member to the alliance he approaches her to teach her everything he knows, and soon after they bond over flowers, they become friends.

However, their duties makes it difficult to be together in the same place other than the anual meetings so they decide to keep in contact with other through letters. Every month the King would send his ‘secret penpal’ a letter in which he tells his friend about Balbadd’s situation and his personal life. And he would recieve a reply with the same information about her and more. After months of the secret exchange the two start to have feelings towards the other through the contents of their letters and wish they could reunite and talk again in person.

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Cassim and Alibaba taking care of their sick love


“Cassim! Quit worrying, it’s getting on my nerves!” You huffed as Cassim placed a washcloth on your forehead to bring your temperature down. You had just gotten sick and Cassim was hovering over you all while asking all sorts of questions, which was annoying you.

Cassim glared down at you and said nothing, he knew you didn’t mean it but he couldn’t help himself. You were one of the only people in his life he cared about and he didn’t want you to ger worse, he sighed, “… I know you don’t mean that.” He muttered, loud enough for you to hear. 

You tensed and said nothing, you only let him continue with his constant hovering and worrying. You would never admit it but, it felt nice to be cared for.


“Are you okay?!”

“Are you too hot?! Cold?!”

“Do you need another blanket?!”

Your eyes widened as Alibaba smothered you with questions, you thought for a moment and then said, “yes. No, no and no.” You smiled and he sighed in relief.

He sat down next to you and you cuddled up against him, sighing in bliss as you always felt so safe in his arms. The moment was ruined when…

“Are you uncomfortable? Are you okay?”

“I swear to Solomon, Alibaba…”

Signs as Magi characters ~

Aries: Alibaba Saluja

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Taurus: Sphintus Carmen

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Gemini: Kouha Ren

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Cancer: Titus Alexius 

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Leo: Sinbad

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Virgo: Morgiana 

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Libra: Hakuei Ren

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Scorpio: Kougyoku Ren

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Sagittarius: Aladdin 

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Capricorn: Ja’far 

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Aquarius: Hakuryuu Ren

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Pisces: Judar 

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