Looking back...

…At earlier Magi chapters, I’m actually a bit surprised that people are surprised that Kouen calls Hakuryuu “little brother” even after all Hakuryuu did.

Mainly because his love for his family is basically the only thing that’s remained constant through the entire manga when it comes to his characterization (remember when he was an ambitious world conqueror? Judar’s favorite? Now he’s like “yeah, I don’t want to rule the world, crown any of my younger siblings instead plz thnx bai”).

Re-reading the Koutoku-funeral gathering this is actually extremely apparent:

His meeting with Hakuryuu & Hakuei in the evening. Praising Hakuryuu for capturing Zagan even though Hakuryuu is making a public show of disrespect towards him. Saying that he does not want to fight with his brother [Hakuryuu] when Hakuryuu points out that there can be only one King of the World. Respecting Kougyoku as Vinea’s master and not even have a single drop of suspicion towards her even as Zepar’s buzzing is making her answer slowly to his questions.

Then when Gyokuen tries to make all of Koutoku’s daughters (Kougyoku, Kourin and the rest) do something they’re scared of doing, Kouen physically places himself between his sisters (even holding out an arm to shield them) and attracts Gyokuen’s attention by questioning Koutoku’s cause of death (this is how we get the infamous Gyokuen-clinging-onto-Kouen panel). Considering his later admission of being scared of her and thinking her invincible, that’s a pretty big thing, since what Gyokuen asked of his sisters would have hardly been physically dangerous.

And we know how he interacts with Koumei and Kouha, and there is those backstage comics about Hakuyuu and Hakuren. Heck, even potential future brother-in-law Alibaba gets ribbed like he’s already one of them the moment they meet in private.

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