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Do you have the spoiler of magi 295?>< And do you know why jafar made that scared face in chapter 294?;-;

You mean if I’ve seen the spoilers? Sure I always do! Well I didn’t pay a lot of attention to 295 actually. I only cared about the Sin-Arbakuei interaction, I’m a little bored things are still focused on the Kou empire (sorry).

About Ja’far’s face, Sinbad lost control for a brief moment and said something he would probably never had said to Alibaba before (”Do you want to oppose me?!”), and those words revealed his true nature for a second, which was what Alibaba wanted. Alibaba’s purpose of helping Kou is not only wanting to help Kougyoku or feeling guilty he was not there to protect them, he’s also provoking Sinbad intentionally. The current Alibaba is trying to know how much of David’s influence Sinbad has or if he’s Sinbad at all. 

My guess is Ja’far never thought Sinbad would snap and say something like that ever, especially about such a little thing. That proves Sinbad doesn’t want Kou to recover and wishes to take over it. The old Sin would have never revealed his true intentions. And by saying such a phrase he was threatening Alibaba directly. He’s totally acting like the villian, that was probably harsh for Ja’far to hear. OR maybe he realized even more that Sin’s changes are even greater than he thought and became more worried. OR he was scared Alibaba became their enemy, since he holds him dear. Or it’s because something we still don’t know about. It’s actually difficult to know why his expression was so scary, but the situation totally called for it….somehow.

Also notice how no matter which clothes he’s wearing (regular up to Sindria arc, Reim’s toga, modern illustration, or current clothes from final arc) Alibaba somehow manages to always show some cleavage / collar bone / pecs. The V neck in current chapters isn’t helping cover up neither is his noose.

Like Alibaba what are you doing?


Magi. Volume 28 omake

The beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Typesetting by lovely naoscifra (who made time for this even if she has exams right now). Scans & translation by me (who finally had time for this in-between exams). Special thanks to kamapon for the extra help. Usual disclaimer: none of us are native English speakers, we do what we can. Sorry in advance for the mistakes.

Bonus illustration from the back of the volume. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Magi 294 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST these snippets anywhere.

In which we get spoilers that look a little odd, but oh my God, how I want them to be real! Looks like some secrets were not so secret after all, and a certain trio of siblings may come back into the picture… .

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