Random things I’ve put together trying to make a tad more sense of the time line.
  • Even though Felicia doesn’t mind that much if people find out she’s the black cat, she doesn’t like to go around publicly announcing it because even though she’s gone straight the black cats’ track record isn’t a good one.
  • The reason why she comes off quite bitchy to most is so when her ‘Bad luck’ or ‘Hilarity ensuing’ powers kick in, she won’t feel bad at whatever fate befalls them.
  • Felicia can hold her breath for around 5 minutes, she uses this to her advantage when evading capture.
  • Although she is attempting to go straight she does occasionally relapse into thievery. Lately she’s been stealing more stuff out of complete boredom, in hope that if she can steal enough things she’ll grab ‘someone’s’ attention.
  • Felicia never invites people around to her place as her walls are covered in pictures of spider-man and stolen goods are all over the place.
  • Only two people in the school know about her semi-secret identity
    -Peter Parker, who some how guessed who she was. Which of course makes Felicia extremely suspicious of him.
    -Patsy Walker, long time best friend. Felicia & Patsy met each other on one of Felicia’s good days- Although Patsy knows Felicia is Black cat, Felicia has yet to tell her the Black cat isn’t a hero but a vigilante. They occasionally team up to go shopping or do various girly thing together.
  • Felicia has learnt to semi-control her powers. Her powers are less likely to rub off in people causing them extreme bad luck.
  • The lack of training of these altered powers has caused some side effects, her subconscious mood can trigger her powers to work in different ways. On a good day everyone might be  lucky, on a bad day everything might not go right and if she’s bored humorous acts of bad luck may occur. 
  • People she hate’s or are extremely close with can also suffer from insanely good or bad luck if they’re within her line of sight.
  • She’s still obsessed with spider-man. She loves him dearly and would do anything for him, she plays down her love by writing it off as a simple crush on a man out of her reach- like an everyday fan.