alias the cat

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name: Aran
alias:  Noid
gender: Cat
place of birth: Spain
spoken languages: Spanish, Catalan, English
drink / smoke / drugs: I hate all, maybe my antidepressants can be the drug of my life lately?? Haa ha. ha.
likes: Manga/Anime, videogames, cats, angst, write, monochrome, coffee, idk what more.
fears: heights, depths, waste my time, feel useless, my mind, gigant letters.
personality traits: Grumpy, lazy, impatient, caring, jealous, perfeccionist??
disorders: none I think

hair colour: dark brown
eye colour: brown
height: none of your business
tattoos: none
piercings: none

siblings: two little twin sisters.
parents: well, mom and dad?
children: none

sexual preference: Demisexual, I don’t care what you are, just how you are.
relationship status: Watching my favorite girl from afar.

Under Victor’s Tree. . .

Perhaps you’ve been naughty, perhaps you’ve been nice – Victor’s got a present for you either way.

For Alia, Sam, and Dianna ( @ourstarswillburnon ), there’s a trio of gifts that he hopes will please all of them. Alia’s getting a special cat plushy – dark blue, covered in glittery silver stars (since he knows how much she likes them). Dianna’s is a rabbit plushy dressed to look like a magician, complete with top hat, cape, and wand (she likes rabbits, and he thinks it’s cute). And Sam’s – got a big serrated knife with a sheath (she still likes stabby things, right?).

For Spade ( @spadekeeperwitch ), there’s a book on rabbits of all kinds around the world. Hopefully she doesn’t own it already – he just wanted to get her something he knew would interest her.

For Sly & Carlos ( @slycooperandcarlosfox ), there’s not being thrown out of his house in response to the whole Endearing Charms incident no, Victor’s not one to shirk the Christmas spirit. He scouted around and found fox and racoon Christmas tree ornaments, which should amuse them, he thinks.

For Helena ( @helenapontillier ), there’s some new cooking supplies – a big mixing spoon, a set of measuring cups and spoons in bright shiny silver, and a bowl to put them all in, bedecked with a bow. She is one of his cooking buddies – it seemed appropriate.

For Lilith ( @yandere-nurse ), there’s a music box he discovered in a shop in his silent city – simple white with black music notes all over it. What prompted him to get it? Why, the tune it plays is the same one he played during their trip into the music-loving part of his mind! How could he not get it after that?

For Susan ( @a-special-place-in-your-heart ), there’s a book on the history of photography he managed to find – straight through from the first pinhole cameras to the more modern marvels like she uses. He hopes she enjoys it, but just in case, he also included a roll of film.

For Lizzie ( @asklizzieandalice ), there’s a new scarf, hat, and mittens, all a deep blue with snowflake patterns. When in doubt, go for something cute and wintery, it seems.

For Emily ( @cxrpsebriide ), there’s the sheet music for a bunch of traditional Irish folk songs he scouted around for. He doesn’t know if she has any way to play them (he’d offer his piano if he could), but he figures anything that reminds her of her beloved mother should be well-received. (Fingers crossed, anyway). (Also, cookies for the Houndsditch kids – can’t leave them out!)

For Nebby ( @pyrokenisisnebby ), there’s a set of flasks of all different sizes and shapes, done in heavy, shatter-resistant glass. Any aspiring witch needs a bunch of crazy-looking flasks holding dangerous-looking liquids, right? And since they’ve recently become potion buddies, it felt quite appropriate.

For Alice ( @ive-only-my-wits ), there’s the Wonderland cake he and Spade worked on! White rabbits circle the sides, while on top Victor’s drawn Alice sitting on a brightly-colored mushroom, her Vorpal Blade at her side. Not entirely confident of his icing drawing skills, however, he’s hedged his bets with a second gift depicting the same scene in his traditional ink.

And for anyone else who might show up – cupcakes! In strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate! Because if there’s anything Victor’s pretty sure most anyone will like, it’s a cupcake.