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Few whumps I haven't seen here yet!


- season 1, episode 22: Bradley Cooper’s character, Will, is beaten up and bloody.

- season 2, episode 7: Michael Vartan’s character, Vaughn, is in the hospital after becoming ill with some kind of biological weapon, and Sydney Bristow says goodbye before going on a mission to find the cure.

Armored (2009) - Milo Ventimiglia plays a cop who gets in the way of a heist, and gets himself shot. One of the thieves has a change of heart and protects himself and the injured cop from his accomplices by hiding inside a locked armored van. Tags: shot, blood, loss of consciousness, DIY medical aid.

Eden Lake (2008) - Michael Fassbender plays a guy on vacation with his girlfriend at a lake. They’re terrorized by violent teenagers. WARNING: VERY GRUESOME. Tags: stabbed, tied up (with barbed wire!).



Great suggestions, thank you anon! :)

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I’ll look into the Armored movie, sounds good! :) 

Team Arrow Motivations - the key to understanding where the characters will end up (I think...)

Time for some speculation! My track record isn’t great with these types of posts - I’m wrong more than I’m right - but I couldn’t resist adding my thoughts on the finale, in particular, the “Schism” that is due to occur. I’m in the camp that believes the schism will be within Team Arrow itself - that the finale will reverse the composition of the team in the premiere, i.e. Felicity and Oliver will remain and Thea and Diggle will leave the team. 

I think the key to understanding the issues behind this schism, lies in the character’s motivations for being heroes. 

I was struck watching 4x17 that we had several scenes in which major characters - Thea, Felicity, Oliver and Curtis - discussed their motivations for (and against) suiting up. 

(Beware, this gets a bit wordy, but I made some gifs too!)

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