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Sasusaku 49

49. boss/intern AU

Do an internship, his brother said.

It will be fun, he said.

Well Sasuke is not having fun, and his red and black spandex uniform is the most godawful, hideous thing he’s ever worn in his life. It clings in all the wrong places, and the matching black mask that covers his eyes itches horribly.

Itachi had a secured an internship for him at an elite, very private, and mysterious corporation, and so here Sasuke is working the nine to five. He’d expected to do some filing, probably some coffee runs, and general go-fery, but it turns out that this isn’t that kind of office job.

Instead, the company is a front for a massive evil organization, lead by the notorious supervillain The Pink Punisher. There’s a secret lab in the basement and a doomsday device on the top floor, and every “employee” is required to wear the same black and red spandex uniform that will haunt his dreams. Sasuke, who has been assigned the alias Black Hawk, has yet to meet his “boss,” and he thinks he’s probably safer if he never does. His life has become something out of a comic book.

He wonders if Itachi knows what he’s gotten his little brother into.




Today he has been assigned to the lab, cleaning up after the techs. It’s possibly the most unglorious and ignominious job he can think of, scrubbing petri dishes and chemical stains, and Sasuke mourns the misuse of his family’s name as he struggles to clean an unknown substance out of a beaker.

The lab itself is freezing, but at least the techs have white labcoats to keep them warm. Sasuke shivers inside his spandex, teeth chattering violently. If he’s going to be on cleaning duty, why couldn’t it be The Pink Punisher’s extensive collection of get-away sports cars instead?

As a grumbles to himself, the low chatter in the lab suddenly ceases. Startled by the sudden quiet, Sasuke looks up just as the heavy metal doors to the lab beep open, and that’s when he gets his first glimpse of The Pink Punisher.

His first thought is that she’s tiny. His second is that no woman should ever look that good in sparkly pink spandex. As if sensing his thoughts, her eyes sharply glance toward him. Behind her lacy black mask, her emerald eyes are as keen as the edge of a freshly sharpened blade. Even her hair is a pale shade of bubblegum pink, falling in lustrous waves to her shoulders.

She crooks a finger at him, and with dread in his stomach Sasuke follows.


He follows her down the hall wordlessly, amazed at the silence of her footfalls compared to the harsh loudness of his own. A lengthy black cape billows out behind her, and she looks every inch the infamous villain she’s purported to be.

Well, except that she only comes up to his shoulder. And she looks like a pink highlighter. But these are not things Sasuke would ever mention in her presence.

After a tense elevator ride, hey arrive on the 66th floor, where her office resides behind four sets of locked doors with heavy security measures. Her two armed bodyguards, Scarecrow and Sticks, trail quietly behind them as they emerge from the elevator.

Scarecrow is tall and lanky, most of his face covered by not only the standard black uniform mask, but another that covers from his nose down to his neck. His shock of grey hair earned him his codename. Sticks, on the other hand, is an everyman. His average looks can blend in with any crowd, and his codename comes from his preference for solely using wooden weapons.

They are The Pink Punisher’s handpicked elite, and they station themselves wordlessly by the final door as it slams shut behind them.

As his boss takes her seat in a large, black leather chair, Sasuke wonders if she brings all the interns up to her office. Come to think of it, he hasn’t even seen any other interns. Oh god, what if intern is code for hostage? Sasuke begins to sweat inside his spandex as The Pink Punisher watches him intently, lips pursing in thought.

“How long have you been with my lovely organization, Black Hawk?”

Her voice is low and sultry, and despite his nervousness, Sasuke finds himself utterly mesmorized by those plump pink lips. He swallows hard.

“Two weeks. Ma'am.”

His throat is dry as she leans back in her chair and rests her booted feet on the mahogany desk in front of her. He’s not quite sure which is sexier, the quiet aura of power radiating off of her or the way that the tight magenta material clings to her curves. In the back of his mind, Sasuke recognizes that he needs to do away with such thoughts before she can read them on his face, but he cannot pull his eyes away.

Her lips curl in a lazy smirk, as if she can read his mind. “Such a short period, and yet I’m already hearing praise of your abilities and adherence to orders. How would you feel about a promotion?”

“A promotion?” The words shock him out of a reverie. A promotion means more responsibility. More responsibility means greater liability, and thus greater chance of his disposal should he mess up. The thought is chilling.

She crooks her finger at him again, and Sasuke moves helplessly forward until his thighs touch her desk. Leaning forward, her tongue darts out to wet her lips before she speaks, and Sasuke is trapped like a fly in her web.

“Mhmm. How would you feel about being my personal assistant? My…sidekick, if you will.”

One does not refuse a supervillian’s offer unless they are a rival hero or a martyr, and Sasuke is neither. He nods, unsure of what other choice he could make in this position. The corners of her lips twitch in delight. Glancing back to Scarecrow and Sticks, she waves her hand and they disappear from the room.

When they are gone, The Pink Punisher rises from her seat and moves around the large desk to approach him. Her eyes sweep over him slowly, appreciatively.Sasuke feels a pleasant tingle travel up his spine at her gaze.

She pauses inches from him, reaching out to trail a finger down his chest. “As my assistant, there are a few…duties you will be required to perform.”

Sasuke swears her meaning is unmistakeable as her jade eyes darken, but he attributes it to his own heated thoughts instead. “Duties, ma'am?”

Her eyes follow her finger as it descends farther down his abdomen. “Yes. I have needs, and you are to fulfill them.”

She reaches for her zipper with her other hand, and Sasuke wonders how he will work this into his resume.