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I Give Up - part 1 (A Baekhyun Series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Baekhyun X You/reader

Description: so Baekhyun comes into your parents dry cleaning shop. You were just trying to live. But Baekhyun is Baekhyun.

A/N: Pfffftttt, like I need another series. Christ. Alright guys, I love baek and he needs to get lucky so here a series for him. It’s gonna be smut later. This is just fluff for now.

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You repeated the words over and over, memorizing the sound of them on your mouth. You had a big test coming up for your Neurophysiology class and you were having some trouble keeping the parts of the pituitary straight.

“Adenohypophysis! Neurohypophysis! Hypophysis!!” You said with confidence, a little too loudly and you heard a sound. Someone behind you cleared their throat. You jumped and turned around quickly and saw a man standing at your counter wearing a face mask.

“Oh! You scared me!” You held a hand to your chest and exhaled.

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I feel stagnant,
Like air in a closed room.

I’m moving,
Though only twirling around the same spot.

I stand still,
Captured in this place.

I’m changing,
But I’m hostage to my feelings,

For you.

—  Alias
Back and forth,
Like a swing on a playground.
But this is no game,
Unless the toys are our feelings.
Forth and back,
Two steps ahead, three falling behind.
Round and round,
Until one of us loses their grip.
Like magnets,
Do we attract or repel?
—  Alias
Story Time-Dragon AU

(set in the plot of this fic here.)

It was fascinating to watch him move.

Hundreds of scales of different shapes and sizes shifted and overlapped as he spoke, the deeper-hued black of his scales at his cheeks and spine glinting in the sunlight. The ridges above his eyes were much more stiff, unyielding in order to protect those brilliant yellow eyes, and yet everything about the dragon’s muzzle managed to be so expressive. He had been under her care for only a week, but it hadn’t taken long for her to become enamored with the powerful grace of his kind.

“Are you even listening Miss? This is the best part!”

Shirayuki jumped, sheepishly meeting the dragon’s amused smile.

“Ah, sorry Nanaki! I got a bit distracted.”

‘Nanaki’ chuckled, a jumpy sort of sound from deep in his throat that made his head bob. His teeth were stretched in a smile, a smile that honestly still frightened her from time to time. It showed nearly every fang in his maw, and was a not-so-subtle reminder of how he had acted when they’d first met…

“Well, now that I hopefully have your attention…I was surrounded by five knights from Sereg, armed to the teeth in the hopes of defeating me…”

Shirayuki sat attentively between the dragon’s paws as he continued his story. It had been a week since the storm, and Nanaki, as the dragon supposedly called himself, was still covered in wounds. Some were bound with bandages, but most had their poultices left to the open air. The thicker scales were rough and tore through her bandages too easily, thus his healing was slowed.

Quite honestly, he shouldn’t be well enough to walk from the barn to the open field just beyond her garden. But one does not simply tell a dragon not to move when he is determined to do just that.

However, he seemed much happier beneath the sun, and it made the herbalist smile.

“…Then, one of them managed to climb onto my tail, a feat that I’m still very impressed by! I hope they rewarded him for his bravery when they found him.”

“Found him? What do you mean?”

The dragon’s smile turned smug and his tail shifted until it waved in front of her.

“I flicked him off, like a horse does to a fly!”

“You didn’t!”

“I did!” Nanaki arched his neck back, preening at his own cleverness until he noticed how concerned Shirayuki was.

“Don’t worry Miss! There were plenty of trees to catch himself on. It’s not like I threw him for leagues! I’m sure he was fine,”

“Probably. I was just worried that you might’ve killed him.”

“I’m sure I didn’t. Besides, one other night went after him before I looked away.”

“Oh, that’s good!”

“I did kill the other three though.”


He closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side, a dragon’s equivalent of a shrug.

“It was either them or me Miss, and I prefer staying alive.”

Shirayuki looked down, staring at the dragon’s curved talons. She didn’t want to think of her new friend as a killer, the same as the dragons in old myths and stories that ravaged lands and ate all in their way. But, he was right.

Her eyes roamed upwards to his foreleg, gazing at the faded scars that had split the weaker scales. Nanaki was a survivor. He wanted to survive, and would continue to do so.

And this time, she was there to help.

She looked back up to the dragon, who had been watching her with a guarded expression, waiting for her reaction. She gave him a wide smile, settling herself back against his scarred chest.

“So? What happened after you…defeated the knights?”

The dragon grinned.

Like @claudeng80 said, “When in doubt, dragons.”
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