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I Give Up - part 1 (A Baekhyun Series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Baekhyun X You/reader

Description: so Baekhyun comes into your parents dry cleaning shop. You were just trying to live. But Baekhyun is Baekhyun.

A/N: Pfffftttt, like I need another series. Christ. Alright guys, I love baek and he needs to get lucky so here a series for him. It’s gonna be smut later. This is just fluff for now.

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You repeated the words over and over, memorizing the sound of them on your mouth. You had a big test coming up for your Neurophysiology class and you were having some trouble keeping the parts of the pituitary straight.

“Adenohypophysis! Neurohypophysis! Hypophysis!!” You said with confidence, a little too loudly and you heard a sound. Someone behind you cleared their throat. You jumped and turned around quickly and saw a man standing at your counter wearing a face mask.

“Oh! You scared me!” You held a hand to your chest and exhaled.

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Back and forth,
Like a swing on a playground.
But this is no game,
Unless the toys are our feelings.
Forth and back,
Two steps ahead, three falling behind.
Round and round,
Until one of us loses their grip.
Like magnets,
Do we attract or repel?
—  Alias

ok so i rly want to get my hair cut like this!! i feel like alia shawkat and i have very similar curls but totally different face shapes so idk. i want to go shorter tho!!

brush contact, i: surveillance

on ao3

honestly i’ve wanted to write a spy au for a g e s and finally just sat down and started. the first two chapters are relatively simpler than the last two, so those might take longer to get sorted.


brush contact (n.) - a brief moment where two agents ‘meet' and quickly exchange information, documents, and/or equipment

Adrien really wishes that his father would inform him when there are new additions to the security detail. There’s something incredibly terrifying about being grabbed by the waist and yanked under a table. It’s more terrifying when it’s not someone you have mentally prepared yourself to be yanked around by.

“Cambric or calico?” he whispers to her.

She shushes him.

He shifts away from her. “Seriously, cambric or calico?”

“Seriously,” she hisses back, “I need you to be quiet. Now isn’t the time to talk about my fashion choices.”

Adrien rolls his eyes and inches closer to the table cloth, ready to run the moment he needs to.

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In fact, I had time to be maddened by Christopher generally. He would keep calling me “Grant” in that superior way, and there were times when I wanted to hit him for it, or shout that it was only my alias, or - anyway he really annoyed me. Then he would say something that doubled me up with laughter and I discovered I liked him again. It was truly confusing.

Conrad Tesdinic (Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones) 

Oh Conrad. You’re so far gone.

And Christopher is so pleased with himself getting people to fall all over him.

What a pair of lovable twits.