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So, what does it mean to be other-hearted? (fixed)

Well, basically:

Other-hearted individuals are people who identify with non-human things through a strong connection that is personal to them. There are also the fiction-hearted, who strongly identify with fictional characters or species. They are not to be confused with otherkin, who identify as non-human. 

Reasons people can be other-hearted:

-You strongly relate to the thing on multiple levels, and you see yourself in the thing. (synpath)
-You strongly resonate with said thing.
-You feel very close to that thing, perhaps, in a friend/family bond.
-You hold the thing very close to your heart, it’s something dear to you, and means something to you.
-You want to be that thing, you look up to it like a role-model, you admire them.
-You choose to act like that thing, maybe to the point it’s like an alias.
-You feel a spiritual or mental connection to that thing without identifying as it.
-You feel like you are that thing without identifying as it.

Those are all reasons people are other-hearted, and I’m sure there’s a lot more. In summary, many other-hearted people feel like their hearttypes are their family, or that they are a lot like their hearttypes, or want to be.

What do other-hearted people experience?:

Other-hearted people deeply empathize with their hearttypes. Other-hearted may or may not have cameo shifts of their hearttype. Other-hearted people may feel as if they resonate deeper with non-humans and other worlds rather than this one. Other-hearted people may apply spiritual and psychological aspects to their hearted experience, or sometimes they just feel it as it is.

Whats the difference between kin and hearted people?:

Kin identify AS their kintypes, while hearted people identify WITH their types.

For kin, it’s a deep, core identity, and who they truly are in soul or mind. 

Kintypes are what you are. Hearttypes are what you relate/resonate with.

However, both experiences are just as meaningful to them.

**I also stress to point out the community is small and not as developed, and therefore there is not a lot of information on what the other-hearted experience is like yet. So, this is just the best way I can explain it, if you have anything you’d like to add or point out, feel free to do so!

In fact, I had time to be maddened by Christopher generally. He would keep calling me “Grant” in that superior way, and there were times when I wanted to hit him for it, or shout that it was only my alias, or - anyway he really annoyed me. Then he would say something that doubled me up with laughter and I discovered I liked him again. It was truly confusing.

Conrad Tesdinic (Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones) 

Oh Conrad. You’re so far gone.

And Christopher is so pleased with himself getting people to fall all over him.

What a pair of lovable twits.


These are some drawings by a really good friend of mine! :D They don’t have a blog here yet, so they asked me to put it on mine! Their Internet alias is FleshCage. Feel free to check out their Wattpad user, which goes by that name! :) When they do get a Tumblr blog, there’ll be much more amazing art to look at! Be prepared! :D
Keep being amazing, FleshCage! ^-^

wintercovrt  asked:

So I don't know if you're still doing these but... Alia + (a) I feel like I'm all Aesthetic on the inside but irl I'm like really awkward and say stupid shit, (b) I freaking love words (books, poetry, etc.), (c)I have dark hair, dark eyes and I'm pretty ugly lol (idk if you want appearance details or not ??)

yep i am! im also hella slow forgive me please sister

Alia was a dark mosaic of a girl, the pieces of her broken and glistening yet put together beautifully. She was a poem, a verse left unsaid long after the poet had written the last stanza. What she said was the most honest of all words, never to see the light of day for she was too timid, too unprepared for the glance of speculation she could bring. 

just finishing off!