so here’s a traumatic story from my childhood that i just remembered:

the year is 2005, i am nine years old and i’m OBSESSED with hilary duff….i would’ve died for her honestly i stanned hilary duff so hard. i was still reeling from the 2004 ending of  lizzie mcguire and the great hilary duff-lindsay lohan feud of 2004. and my 11 year old sister (who was equally as obsessed with hilary) befriends aliana lohan, lindsay’s sister because ali was on my sisters soccer team. so i wasnt exactly.. . lets say as mature as i am today and i had like all posters from j14, tiger beat, bop and the like all over my wall as one does in 2005 but i SPECIFICALLY had one section of one wall in my room designated for celebrities i HATED and i would like draw mustaches and unibrows and blackout their teeth like a crazy person and, because i was a loyal hilary duff stan, i had like 4930029 posters of lindsay lohan with like blacked out teeth and stuff on this “wall of shame” as i called it. so ali is about to come over but i didnt know and it was the first time she’d ever come to my house and my moms like opening the door and i hear ali’s voice and i look at my sister and im liek…. oh my fucking god AND I HAVE TO SPPRRRIINTNTN up the fucking stairs before ali can even like think about going upstairs bc when yorue that young and having a playdate for whatever fuckign REASON THE PERSON GETS LIEK SOME GRAND TOUR OF THE HOUSE so ali is lITELRLALY about to go into my room where VANDALIZED PICTURES OF HER SISTER ARE LINING THE FUCKIGN WALL….BECAUSE IM A PSYCHO…. and i litelrlay,, int he most fluid of motions RAN ALONG THAT WALL AND RIPPED EVERY POSTER OFF OF THE WALL LIKE WALL OF SHAME PICTURE OR NOT and jsut sprinted to my bed posters in hand sHOVED THEM UNDER MY PILLOW JUMEPD ON MY BED AND PRETENDED TO LIEK. . IDK LIEK FUCKING READ OR SOMETHIGN i did this all in maybe 3 seconds and ali like pokes her head in my room to say hi looks around and is liek “:) nice room” and im sititng there….sweating like “:-) haha.. thx” and she leaves like literlalyl the whole encounter lasted .5 milsiencdos and i never ever ever had any posters on my wall after that bc i was so fucjing traumatized from STRATEGICALLY RIPPING DOWN the vandalized posters of lindsay lohan and every poster of hilary duff in case ali would find my stanning of hilary duff offensive…the end. i cannot stress how traumatizing this was lik e to this day i dont decorate the walls of my room because im so shaken from the experience it has been over ten years aaron carter basically nearly fucking ruined my life