Designer Aliakim showcased at  Africa Fashion Week (New York) 2013. In the words of the designer, and as shared by the producer of AFWNY, Adirée, “the mission of this fashion line is to provide cultivated women everywhere with clothing and accessories that express their advocacy as sophisticatedly as their femininity.  Giving meaning to the term "revolutionary chic,” it is the intention of this line to put the “wear” in awareness and, as a result, inspire change.“

Aliakim Inc.

Aliakim is a distinctive accessory and clothing line that blends fashion with activism. Through the use of eclectic designs, bright fabrics, and vivid war-inspired imagery, ALIAKIM’s pieces uniquely meld countercultural icons with high-end fashion elements to artistically raise awareness of current world affairs. Both vintage and modern fashion trends serve as inspiration for this line. Each article of clothing creatively integrates politicism and playfulness of the 70's  and 80’s with the sophistication of today. Giving meaning to the term “revolutionary chic”, this line puts the “wear” in awareness and as a result inspires change.

Aliakim has partnered with Purple Sunday for this year’s festival and will be featuring it’s signature jewelry line, the Koi Collection. Bringing creative aWEARness as fish symbolize knowledge, progress, creativity and feminity.

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