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Live-Action Driver Casting


Michael C. Maronna as male Driver

While he’s a wee bit on the old side for what I have in my head, he’s still the best fit. There’s a lot of Big Pete in male Driver, so it just feels right. I’d subtly dye his hair to make it redder like it was when he was younger and emphasize the freckles, but that’s it. He’s my guy!

Alia Shawcat as female Driver

I’m just kinda crushing on her??? She’s great! She’s actually a little bit young for the role, but not enough that it really matters. To compensate, she always has a look in her eyes like she’s seen some shit. I also think her curly hair is gorgeous and would be fine for Driver. Just make it red!

from the arrested development commentary; season one, disk three.

(portia wearing this dress in a scene)

alia: didn’t you wear that dress to an awards show portia

portia: alia!!!

whole cast: ooohhhhhh!!!!

alia: no it’s pretty i just recognised it!

jessica: stolen from wardrobe!

will: call her a thief!!

alia: i saw it in a magazine though.

jessica: yup, stole it!

the commentary is sooo funny.

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I must be freakin hormonal today because this Drew Barrymore directed Best Coast vid for ‘Our Deal’ made a tiny tear appear.

Alia Shawkat & Chloe Moretz do fierce job as girl gang members.