Resident Evil: Extinction (2007):

“Third movie of this series, and it’s my favorite one. I love it so much. In this movie, Alice’s searching for any survivor, now that the t-virus is spreading all over the world. She’s desperate to find other people that will help her stop Umbrella for good. She ends up finding two of her friends from Apocalypse, and we’re introduced to a bunch of new characters. One of them is one of the most liked characters of the whole series, Claire Redfield. She’s my favorite secondary character of this series. Claire Redfield is one of the most important characters from the Resident Evil games. Unfortunatly, her brother, Chris Redfield, is not in this movie but, he will appear sooner of later. In this movie, Alice’s starts to control her own powers and manages to use them against mobs of zombies. Also, Umbrella is trying to clone her because, they want to create someone as perfect as her. Overall, I adore this movie so much. It’s full of epic action scenes (at some parts, I though I was watching a Prince of Persia fighting scene), I love the characters, the concept is nice and many other things.”

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