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twisted mansion | aly&michael

Michael and Aly were pretty used to just being homebodies. They spent their nights watching Netflix, making out, going over lines, making out. However it was Halloween, which was one of Aly’s favorite holidays. They’d been invited to a big Halloween Mansion party and had decided to go. Attending as the King and Queen of Hearts, Aly and Michael had been at the party for a little while now. Aly had a drink in her hand and was talking to Michael about finding Vanessa and saying hello. That was the last thing she remembered at least. Now she found herself waking up inside a room, her head on Michael’s chest. Pushing herself up, she looked around in a panic. “Michael, Michael wake up! Where the hell are we?!” she said, pushing him a bit to try and get him up.

Ruski ratni brodovi prolaze La Mancheom, Britanci poslali razarač da ih "prati u stopu"

Flota ruskih ratnih brodova proći će danas, kako javlja BBC, La Mancheom na putu za Siriju.
Dva britanska ratna broda pratit će ruske brodove tokom plovidbe kanalom, a britansko ministarstvo obrane objavilo je da će ih "pratiti u stopu".
Inače, brodovi se nalaze unutar međunarodnih voda, ali Michael Fallon je kazao da će ih Velika Britanija "posmatrati utf8

My idols are all dead :(

I’ve just came to a realization that all of the people that I admire are dead, and all of the people that I hate are alive, like what the actual fuck!!! How is this even real!!! I mean what’s the point of living then if this is reality!!! But I do wish that knowing this could’ve been a fantasy.

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Harry Benson: First Shot

HARRY BENSON: SHOOT FIRST charts the illustrious career of the renowned photographer who initially rose to fame alongside The Beatles, having been assigned to cover their inaugural trip to the United States in 1964. With unprecedented “behind the scenes” access, Benson captured some of the most vibrant and intimate portraits ever taken of the most popular band in history. His extensive portfolio includes iconic images of Winston Churchill, Bobby Fischer, Muhammad Ali, Greta Garbo, Michael Jackso

anonymous asked:

who can you think of to play Bill Skarsgard's female twin?

right now, bill is 26 and caucasian. based on that, any of these could work:

  • Mathlide Brandi (22)
  • Frida Gustavsson (23)
  • Ali Michael (26)
  • Lou De Laâge (26)
  • Sophie Lowe (26)
  • Analeigh Tipton (27)
  • Sophie Vlaming (28)

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lindona, pode falar algumas modelos/atrizes (não precisa serem tão famosas, basta terem fotos legais) que possam fazer um par bonito c**om o samuel larsen por favor?

  1. Ali Michael
  2. Carlson Young
  3. Daria Sidorchuk
  4. Frida Gustavsson
  5. Zendaya Coleman