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Hana symbolizes how Meihem fans would react

Quinn-Ling isn’t actually mine, but is the adorable Meihem brain child of @aly-the-alligator. He is SO God damn cute! (Go look at her stuff!)

*Cough* he might also be in my fanfiction *cough*

The Fraxus Baby That No One Asked For
(freed was gone a day and his boys end up like this.
actually: they were training. and they, uh… “fell” or something)
(a sorta sequel to Laxus Tries to Deal with Kids, supposed to be a fic, but i got lazy and i am tired so here ya go. besides, who even believed these two when they said ‘we’re recruiting the kid, not adopting him’?)

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How are chance & luck? I'll always love those boys

Aaaaahhhh~ Chance and Luck are doing well, thank you for asking! <3

Yuki is still Best Girlfriend. Dav is still Best Cousin. Kai is still Best Dog. Bren is still super cute and awkward and trying to be Best Boyfriend.

Chance and Luck are still superhero-ing and recently they made an awesome new friend. :D Her codename is Fate, and she is badass. (Her name doesn’t have anything to do with her actual superpowers, she just matched these dumb boys because she’s ride or die like that.)

…also Dunstan is making Anniversary Plans and hopes he won’t be late for it.


Most people just call him Al, or Ali (pronounced Ah-lee)
Those nicknames are used equally, so call him either one you want!
Now, before you ask, YES, he DOES sort of look like Alex
Because Beth used to be Erin’s old design, just CRAZILY morphed into a new character
So TECHNICALLY, Ali is based off of Ben, Alex’s old design
But he’s changed A TOOOOOON
In case you wondering
He’s one of those guys who looks like a huge ass, but is actually sweet and softe
He’s a softe bby!!!

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Hi~ I read your Valentines Day story after I saw the art you posted for them because they were so cute! The characters are so adorable and it fills me with Found Family fluffy feelings uuughhh... I really like Tim! He sounds so sweet! Of course the others too! Are Clari and Soren ace or is it a queerplatonic thing? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Do you have other stories?!?! *crying*

Awww this is sweet, thank you! Yes, that story is indeed filled with Found Family Fluff!

Yes, Tim is a sweetheart. They’re all my lovely children. <3 Clari and Soren are in a queerplatonic relationship, yup - and I do think they are in the ace spectrum. Still not sure. They’re still figuring that out too. :P

As for other stories, I have “A Soft Place To Land”, which is how Clari and Soren met each other and how Clari went to live in the safehouse.

That’s all for this set of OC’s, I’m afraid… But I also want to write Luke’s story, how he came to join the team, soon. ^_^


i needed a new dnd character so i accidentally made 4 and now i love them all