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The Fraxus Baby That No One Asked For
(freed was gone a day and his boys end up like this.
actually: they were training. and they, uh… “fell” or something)
(a sorta sequel to Laxus Tries to Deal with Kids, supposed to be a fic, but i got lazy and i am tired so here ya go. besides, who even believed these two when they said ‘we’re recruiting the kid, not adopting him’?)


Baby turts, I found going through an old notebook. Might ink them for inktober… But on the chance that I don’t, I’m gonna share them just in case.

And some Ocs I found in the same sketchbook. I haven’t decided whether the first lady’s name will be Alyson or Abigail? …. But the other one’s name is Sam (you will see them again for inktober ^^)

Here we go! Some Muse stuff.

Yuko Flandre

Full Name: Yuko Familias Flandre.

Age: 43

Race: Demon (Wolf)

Gender: Male

Profession: Demonic Diplomat, 5th Pool of Sin (Wrath)


River boat of the Styx: summons a small wooden raft, able to fit a maximum of 3 people inside of it. The boat is made completely out of wood, and has the full utilities of an amazing wooden boat.

Wisp Manifestation: Yuko is able to bring out the spirits around to aid him in his attacks, the type of utilities he has are dependent on color.

Blue: has water-like properties.

Red: increased force on impact.

black: causes feelings of dread.

White: increases slashing damage.

The wisps can be thrown and are around the size of golf balls.

scythe: 8 feet long, blade is quarter of an inch thick, and is one foot in length

Description: Yuko stand at 6 feet flat, his eyes changing color to various shades of red when, changing depending on his mood. His personality is generally laid back, finding enjoyment in almost all things. He smokes from a metallic pipe, and is extremely quick to anger due to his Sin being Wrath.


Music Solvand Inaba

Age: 39

Race: Angel (Cat)

Gender: Male

Profession: Angelic Gunslinger

“Loony” Inaba: A personality split from Music, he’s a completely loose canon. He looks almost like a negative picture of the black cat, instead having white fur and ruby red eyes. He’s proficient with shotguns and heavy assault rifles.


Summon Armory: (handguns and light rifles).

Lunatic Blue Eyes: Allows “Loony Inaba” to manifest himself from Music, also allowing him to take weaponry in and out of their own private mirror world.

Description: Stands at a height of 5'8. Music has sapphire colored eyes, is never seen without his dark brown cap. Music normally wears a black overcoat and tends to wear two silver earrings in his right ear. His fur color is a pitch black. He has a slight obsession with smoking, one that was attempting to get cut, he instead smokes catnip, just don’t let anyone know it.


Kamilia Gravel Black

Age: 12 years

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Profession: Musician


Spiritual Band: A team of 3 spirits can be summoned along to aid Kamilia in caster both spells and guide her songwriting. There is 1 Drummer, 1 Guitarists, and 1 other vocalist.

Description: The little girl stands at a height of around 3'10, her favorite colors are light grey and black, normally being her colors of choice for her clothing. She generally wears long dresses and blouses, always keeping her hair long and neatly placed around her shoulders.


Kouri Vel Iku


Race: (Formerly Fox) Weather Spirit

Gender: Male

Profession: Assistant to Music, Angelic Sniper


Temperament Weather: Whatever emotions Kouri feels can manipulate the surrounding area’s weather.

Cloudy equipment: Kouri’s sniper and various other tools can be formed from his cloud-like body.

Description: Kouri stands at a height of 5'9, Wearing a purple vest and always has a rifle on his back. His eyes are filled with clouds, the light blue causing clashing with his darker normal color of blue. His pelt is completely blue, small white patches on his stomach and chest. His body can dissipate into a more ethereal form of clouds.


Sludge Ver Calavan

Age: 3,500 years

Race: Rat Oni

Gender: Male

Profession: Bartender of Seven Strings


Drinking Chains: The locks and chains around Sludge’s neck are able to stretch out to a maximum of four feet, the chains can sap the energy of a person, leaving them with a feeling of wanting to drink alcoholic beverages.

Smallest horns, strongest strength: Sludge possess strength enough to lift and throw 30x his weight, the strength stemming from the horns on his head. As they grow longer, he gets stronger. They can be cut off, but can regrow to ‘full’ height within a month.

Description: Sludge is roughly around the height of 5'4, always seen wearing his bartender outfit or a sleeveless plaid shirt along with a purple kilt. He has horns just underneath his ears and wears a lock and key around his neck along with chains. his fur is a soot-like grey. The chains when stretched out can reach up to 4 ft.


Rogar Elistaban-verdu Demitori

Age: 58

Race: Turnian (Goat)

Gender: Male

Profession: Mercenary, Dark Knight, Head Chef at Seven Strings


Anti-mage Armor: A set of black armor that disrupts spells being cast on the wearer. It is a set of black steel plate mail, It can be summoned and donned on within five minutes.

Dark Ax: A two handed weapon with the ax head stretching roughly 1 foot, the blade half an inch thick.

The pole is about 5’4 from bottom to top.

Description: He’s a ram who stands at 6’ flat, wearing more ‘comfortable’ clothing such as jeans and long sleeve shirts. His fur is a light brown and he has a dark brown spot on his left eye. He tends to be extremely laid back and lazy, rumors of him falling asleep while cooking all in reality are true.


Alivana (Ali)  Von Kalibrin

Age: 50

Race: Turnian (Lion)

Gender: Male

Profession: Servant of the West Angelic Building, Butler


Time Manipulation: Using a piece of silver, along with intense training from his former master, Ali is able to stop time for up to an hour while doing harsh physical labor. He can interact with all inanimate objects and adjust them to react within normal time. (I.E. throw a knife, in stopped time, and it flies when time is resumed. If he touches a living being, the being can move freely within the stopped time as long as they remain within 15 feet of the butler.

Description: Ali is a white lion who is 6'2, always seen wearing a suit. He tends to walk everywhere with a silver platter, always smiling and being quite kind to anyone he comes across.


Vivi Luminari L'Lavallant

Age: 35

Race: Shark

Profession: Dancer


Spiritual Dance: using the emotions in his heart, Vivi’s dance can manifest into beings of pure energy. These can range from small things such as bugs to even large 12 foot tall dragons. It’s all up to how creative the user is. It’s an art form easily picked up, but hard to master. It is taught in downtown Silver Turn at the Makantash Theater  

Description: Vivi stands at 5'6, his light yellow scales are his second most predominant feature, the most noticeable thing are his eyes which shine a glorious emerald bright and true. He is always wearing flowing clothing which seems at least two sizes big on him with the sleeves extending past the tips of his fingers. His speech patterns are fragmented, not making full sentences.


Luc Vanti

Age: 40

Race: Demonic (Gryphon)

Profession: Servant to Yuko Flandre


Fantasia’s weaponry: inspired by writings of old, Luc has the ability to summon weaponry. They range from a long halberd to an ax to a thin and nimble rapier. All weapons seem to have a butterfly and floral pattern engraved and stylized after them.

Description: Luc is 5'9 in height, his feathers are a mix of blue and purple, the base of his feathers being primarily a deep blue. He tends to wear a dark colored suit. The gryphon wears a mask over his eyes, extending out past his face in the shape of a butterfly. The mask is completely metallic.


Balthazar Kav’Davr

Race: Turnian (Spider)

Profession: Owner of Silver Turn


Web Spinnin’: allows Balthazar to spin threads of pure emotion, each color holding a different effect than the others.

Red: the color of Anger: increase the power behind strikes and are very suitable as a normal weapon.

Orange: the color of Greed: it increases the want and longing of a target, it can be used on charms or counter-charms to make them more powerful.

Yellow: the color of Fear: it causes a paralyzing effect when wrapped around a target at least once.

Green: the color of Growth: has an absorbing effect, as each attack hits it, the threads become thicker. Max is about 3 inches in diameter.

Blue: the color of Calm: Brings a calming effect to the heart, can be used to deepen the ability of previous strings or abilities, allow them to take an additional beating.

Black: the color of Murder: rises murderous intent in anyone,

White: the color of Purity: Increases pacifistic thoughts and feelings in a person.

Purple: the color of Pride: Increases the confidence of one person.

Description:  He stands at about 6'2, with arms out in his back. Balthazar is a jolly fellow, his short fur a pitch black with slight tinges of brown. He tends to wear button up  shirts, ones specially made by himself just to accommodate his arms.

Title: Opening Gambit

Chapter: Oneshot

Fandom: Tamora Pierce, Tortal, Trickster’s Series


A decision had to be made soon, and what a choice to make. It was almost unfair to have to do this twice. Wasn’t the first time around enough?

Queen Dovasary Bailtang Haming of the Kyrpish Isles sat in one of the many conference rooms that dotted the palace. She was waiting for her spymaster, and sometimes adviser, to arrive.

Ten years had passed since the Great Revolution had brought the Krypish Isles back into Raka hands and their queen had worked hard to make sure the land and all its residents, Raka and Luarin alike, had prospered. The years had seen her grow taller and her features sharper. She looked more like a cat now the she ever had, with her high cheekbones and high forehead. While young, her youth was hardly commented on by her peers or subjects. Intelligent, wise,fair, intense and strong were the words that most often came to mind when talking of the queen. Some took her age to mean she would be weak, but they always learned their folly soon enough.

For this meeting she was dressed simply. She wore a black gown made of crinkled silk with neat green embroideries on hem and sleeve. Her hair was styled in braids that were wrapped at the top of her head and decorated with cooper drops to resemble the crown she wore for formal occasions. Even her jewelry was plain; a cord of gold that wrapped her neck, simple earrings of the same metal, and only two rings: the black kudarung symbol of her household, and a simple gold band with a large emerald- the sign of a widow in the isles.

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An old character you don’t use anymore, and then redesign them.

I’m doing Character Drawcember this month because it looks really fun! And it’s light on the load! :D

For Week 1, I went for the old character redesign route and dug up really really old artworks and holy shit look I found embarrassing magical girl OC’s from ye olde times. I was a big magical girl fan growing up so of course I made my own team of them when I was a kid! I don’t even remember the plot of this shit, it’s just that they’re special girls. I decided that rather than picking one, I’ll redesign them all. Then I realized, “Shit - this was what I was doing when I was in gradeschool? No wonder I was bullied.”

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