ali's art tag

“Time races, faces fade past you - so many thoughts, so much to do, but so little too. It looks dark, but… Maybe these will help? They say they are like the sun. They light the world up when the sun doesn’t show. Can I give you some? You deserve them. You deserve to be standing in their light. Please smile. I’ll help you, I promise.”

This is something I made in a real hurry. Only in order to keep my thoughts at bay, for even just a couple of minutes… And I just wanted to thank some people. I feel really shy about posting this, but I have no idea in what other ways I can say thank you. ;u;’ I’ve had a hard time with my mother being sick, and I haven’t slept much these days… And I must say, after I dared to get more involved with the people trapped in the “Apocoleypse”, I’ve felt a lot better. I’ve started to write seriously in English again, to draw more and keep on with it… It really helps. Just to escape a little bit, if only for a short time. Thank you. Thank you so incredible much. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve smiled because of you guys.

I’ve gotten some new, wonderful friends - and some I don’t know as much as I would’ve liked to. i’m so sorry for being shy and awkward ;u; But I want to dedicate this little sketch to those out there. To my friends, mutuals, and everyone else in this fandom. I’m going to tag some of you - but this goes out for everyone. Just a little thing to let you know that you’re not alone, even if it seems like you’re trapped in your various struggles. There’s always a way out, and better days ahead. Trust me, I know. <3 And I know that you all can get there! 

The ones I would like to tag here are: aeolian-mode (and check out apocoleypse too, by her!), alis-coles, xthexforgottenxboyx, fade-lobstercogswithnooil, esuerc, bloody–bunny and olibathore. Thank you, and for the kind replies earlier! ;u; You are all wonderful!