ali moore


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— l'étoile et la lune;

is there more than the kiss that she gives you on the inside of your palm

is there more than the butterflies she gives you, or the warmth she spreads as her lips touch and feather over every inch of your skin

is there more than the smiles brighter than a thousand stars combined, is there more than knowing you gave her that smile

because what was life before you knew her
what was life before you woke up to her curly hair caught in your mouth or sleepy brown eyes hiding under the covers

what was life before making tea for someone special, what was life before you wrote songs and poems for her

was there more than wandering the streets together simply because you wanted an adventure

for she is your light and you are hers, and suddenly colours are brighter and everything is high resolution and clear. smiles are wider, dimples are deeper, hands are intertwined and life seems worth living.

there’s kissing between paintings in art museums and staring at each other from across the tables in restaurants.
there’s homemade cookies that were burnt because you were too busy kissing, and there’s brownies that work out and are eaten with warm caramel sauce while watching old films.

there’s music everywhere and she has a song just for you and you have one just for her.

she is your moon and you are her star. because really, you should be polar opposites, but you end up being the closest of all, for the one thing that grounds you together in history;
you are together.
and you make each other feel crazy.

—  in which you’re wild for her