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Welcome home Sami (Aka: Batman)

As some of you know, some months ago my budgie Ali lost her partner Kai, and ever since she has been lonely and crazy. Budgies can’t be alone, they are Flock bird and have to be kept with their specie.

My first option is always adoption, but there was no bird for adoption here (We don’t have bird shelters at all), so my second option is always buy from a breeder, never from pet stores.
This weekend was the bird breeders meeting (there’s at least one every day and I’ve gone to 3 of them), I planned to buy a healthy looking birb and I also took some stickers to sell so I could get some money for the rescued birds (currently 7).

It was a nice small meeting, I could educate some people about not using red Dye Nectar for hummingbirds and what to do if they find a wild bird in need (baby or injured).

One of the breeders let me have this cutie for free, knowing I would take good care of it and seeing how I was working to get some money for the rescued.

Right now Sami is on quarantine, once I’m sure he is 100% healthy I will proceed to introduce him to Alí, if everything goes ok (I have the feeling everything will be alright) I’ll let them be together in the larger cage.

RQ Secret Santa Claudia

for @queenmareena

Rise, red as the dawn and merry Christmas! I hope you like these^^

Part one:

Mare x Cal fan art

I have her hair cut like in my fan fiction. I felt like it …

Part two

Imagine Shade was still alive

Some ideas - maybe you’ll be better off not reading this … Just a warning. You might forget that this won’t happen … Fluff can be terrible …

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people are complaining about not having any kainora kiss or hug or fluffy romantic moments but just think

kai mentioned that they’re in a long-distance relationship most of the time but they’re doing well

they’re both shown to be very competent at what they do separately

when they’re in a room they stand beside each other; that shot with the air family + kai was everything – he just fits in there

when they were shown together, they don’t speak but there’s an obvious connection and they have great teamwork

and i’m very happy about that

they’re both young and together but the series doesn’t rub it in our faces, instead they’re shown to respect each other’s duties. we didn’t even get any childish complaining about them being apart (*coughbolincough*) which is sooo important because side-couple-characters always get this treatment

i’m sure they’re more laidback in their spare tension-free time and that they have their sugar sweet fluffy moments (i mean jinora’s obvs a hopeless romantic and kai is an adorable sweet goofball on his own right) but their roles in the series are shown to be more than that, they do professional work and their development/action scenes aren’t driven by the need to prove their togetherness

they’re young people who are in a no doubt serious relationship but are very independent, responsible and mature about themselves and each other


we need less childish annoying pining a la ‘my-whole-world-and-character-development-revolves-around-you’

more 'i-am-an-independent-person-who-doesn’t-need-a-love-interest-to-validate-my-worth-or-develop-my-character-but-that-doesn’t-mean-i-don’t-have-anyone-special’ characters, please

Completed catalogue of Reverse Markings of those that were shown

Original version | Second version

 yoooooOOOOOOO you all have no idea how grateful i am to reach this milestone. this blog was a reboot of alison, and i was really worried that i wouldn’t be able to play her like before since i was basically starting from scratch again, but i’m really glad to see that she ( and the boys!! ) have been accepted and loved, and i’m so happy i’ve gotten the chance to create meaningful relationships both ic and ooc! 

i’ve never actually done a bias list before despite how many years i’ve been rping on tumblr, but i think it’s about time i make one since i think this blog is one of my best experiences in terms of shipping, friendships, and threading and i really should just make a shoutout to some very special people and say thank you to everyone for sticking with this blog and helping me flesh out my muses!

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