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Callie's Matting Season

Callie’s Matting Season is a comic written by Jesse220. This comic will only be about Callie Briggs and Ali Kat.



                                                      Page 1

Panel 1 Medium View, The Jet Plane had landed in the airport in Africa.

Panel 2 Bust View, Miss Callie Briggs has gotten out of the plane

Panel 3 Rear View, Callie curiously sees a black retro style sedan waiting for her.

Panel 4 Full Bust over panel, Callie proceeds to the black sedan slowly and cautiously.

Panel 5 Full View The the back door of the sedan starts to open while Callie get anxious.

                                                      Page 2

Panel 6 Large View She see her love Ali Kat sitting in the back seat with his smiling grin.

Panel 7 Bust View, Callie becomes happy to see her love again.

Panel 8 Rear View, Callie proceeds to enter Ali Kat’s black Sedan.

Panel 9, Callie got in the sedan next to her love Ali Kat.

Panel 10, Full Body Over Panel, Callie shuts the car door closed.

Panel 11, Full View, Ali Kat’s sedan began to drive.

                                                      Page 3

Panel 12, Medium rear view, The Black sedan heads towards the jungles of Africa.

Panel 13, Front View, In the Back seat of the sedan, Callie and Ali Kat are relaxing,

Panel 14, Suddenly, Callie snuggles her love Ali Kat while he starts blushing.

Panel 15 Full Body Over Panel. Ali Kat’s black sedan stops at it’s destination. The deep jungles of Africa

Panel 16 Full view, Both Callie and Ali Kat got out of the car.

                                                Page 4

Panel 17, Large view, Callie walks towards to take a good look at the jungle.

Panel 18 Bust View, Ali Kat turns his head and starts to stare at his love

Panel 19 Rear View. Callie continues to examine the jungle with her hand on top of her eyes.

Panel 20 Full body over panel, Suddenly Ali Kat grabs her in the arm making her startled.

Panel 21 Full View, Ali Kat Places his love Callie in front of him and Callie is nervous.

                                                   Page 5

Panel 22 Medium View, Ali Kat kisses Callie with his eyes closed and Callie starts to blush.

Panel 23 bust view, Callie stats to hug him while she and her love Ali Kat kisses.

Panel 24 Full View, Both Ali Kat and Callie stopped.

                                                   Page 6

 Panel 25 Large view, Both Ali Kat and his love Callie are taking off all of thier cloths.

Panel 26 Full Body Over Panel, Both Ali Kat and Callie are now naked.

                                                   Page 7

Panel 27 Bust view, Ali kat opens the car trunk and  puts his cloths and Callie’s cloths in.

Panel 28, Ali kat closed the car trunk.

Panel 29 Medium view, The car drove away.

Panel 30 Full body Over panel, Callie starts to worry when the car droves off

Panel 31 Full view, Ali Kat touches her left shoulder and calms her with his love

                                                      Page 8

Panel 32 Bust view, Ali kat picks up Callie with his arms

Panel 33 Rear view, he carries Callie in his Jungle while Callie is smiling at her love.

Panel 34 Medium view, Ali Kats walks into the jungle while holding Callie with both of his arms, and Callie looks around the jungle.

Panel 35 They arrived at the spot in the jungle were there is a small water fall and 2 boulders.

Panel 36 Large view Ali Kat places Callie in front of the boulder, and she sits there.

                                                   Page 9

Panel 37 Medium view, Ali Kat rubs his hands and stares at his love Callie.

Panel 38. Bust View Callie stares back at her love Ali Kat while smiling at him.

Panel 39 front view, Ali Kat kneels down and spreads Callie’s legs 

Panel 40 Full Body over panel, Ali Kat sees Callie’s hairy vagina.

Panel 41 Full view, Ali Kat licks her hairy Vagina. 

                                                 Page 10

Panel 42, Medium View, Callie is enjoying her vagina getting licked by Ali Kat while she has her mouth opened while sticking her tongue out.

Panel 43, Large top view, Callie stretches her arms and legs with her mouth open while Ali Kat continues to lick her vagina.

Panel 44, Full body over panel, Ali Kat stops licking Callie’s Vagina

Panel 45, Full View. Callie looks so pleased with the pleasure.

                                                Page 11

Panel 46, Large View, Ali kat stands on his feet and holds his erected penis with his left hand, while staring at his love Callie.

Panel 47 Medium View, Callie Smile at her love Ali Kat while her eyes sparkle

Panel 48, Bust view, Callie places her 2 fingers to open her vagina, while Ali Kat is about to place his penis in her vagina

Panel 49, Then Ali Kat places his Penis inside of Callie’s hairy vagina.

Panel 50, Ali Kat shuts his eyes hard.

                                                  Page 12

Panel 51 Large View, Ali Kat and his Love Callie starts doing the missionary position while Callie’s huge breasts jumps up and down.

Panel 52 Rear full body over panel, Ali kat raises his tail up

Panel 53 Full View, Ali kat leans towards his love.

                                                Page 13

Panel 54 Medium View, Both Ali Kat and his love Callie Kisses.

Panel 55, Small View, Ali Kat’s Balls bounces back and forth while doing a missionary position with Callie.

Panel 56 Small View, Callie has her eyes shut and her teeth grinding.

Panel 57 Small View Ali Kat Stops and pulls his penis out of her vagina.

                                               Page 14

Panel 58 Large View, Callie lays on her belly and breasts

Panel 59 Full Body over panel, Ali Kat grabs both of Callie’s hips while placing his penis in front of her Vagina.

Panel 60 Full View, puts his penis in her vagina.

                                                 Page 15

Panel 61, Large View, Ali Kat does a doggystyle on Callie while she’s panting.

Pannel 62, Medium View,  Ali Kat leans towards Callie’s Back

Panel 63, Small View, Ali Kat’s balls bounces back and fourth while humping on Callie.

Panel 64, small view,  Callie bluhes and pants whith her eyes shut.

Panel 65, Small View, Ali Kat shuts his eyes and grinds his teeth.

                                                  Page 16

Panel 67, Full Page view Callie screams while Ali Kat cums in her vagina.

                                                  Page 17

Panel 68. Medium View. Ali Kat’s sperm cells races torwards Callie’s egg cells.

Panel 69. Full body over Panel, We see a dark place with words saying 1 year later.

Panel 70 Full View, Callie and Ali kat has 6 new born kittens, Callie breastfeeds 2 and the other 4 are laying on ali kats chest.


Κιθάρες κατασκευασμένες με εξαρτήματα κλασικών αυτοκινήτων

Ένας λόγος παραπάνω για να ασχοληθείς με την μουσική… απλά υπέροχες!

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Αυτή η κιθάρα μοιάζει με το πίσω μέρος μιας Cadillac του ’59, και αυτό γιατί ο κατασκευαστής της Dave Gartland γνωστός και ως Ali Kat χρησιμοποίησε για την κατασκευή της εξαρτήματα του συγκεκριμένου αυτοκινήτου.

Σας αρέσει το κλασικό στυλ ενός…

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So, with Ali Kat, every time I’ve drawn her in sketches her hair has been different. And I kept telling myself that I was going to have to decide sooner or later.

And then I remembered this

I didn’t have to decide anymore and Ali Kitty became obsessed with wigs.

(Also, huzzah quick sketch at 2 am)