ali i just idk


“Don’t worry, my lady. I won’t tell a soul”

“Who the fuk”

If Plagg noticed Tikki in Ali’s pocket instead of eating cheese in a trash can.

Based of ladyofacat’s post. @ladyofacat

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So I was at the Pride v. Spirit match and immediately after the announcer thanked everyone for attending and announced that the away team was Washington Spirit (very disinterestedly might I add) Bad Blood by Taylor Swift started playing and idk I just found it amusing since Ali's departure was not exactly one that left many great feelings

Oh my god that’s so extra I love it


Achi lag rahi hoon na?”

Tum tayyar na bhi hoti tab bhi achi lagti ho.”


‘Mujhe tou laga tha ke main tumhein acha lagta hoon.’

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YOu need to report them! thats not fair...i already messaged the person telling them to take it down. im sorry but it upsets me that someone took your gifs without asking

thank you!! it really pissed me off tbh and i’ve just messaged them too..

@let-ali-live: hey idk if you got my mention but i’m sorry someone stole your gifs like that. i used to have another blog where i’d post gifsets and eventually stopped making them bc people copied and didn’t give credit.. anyway i love your jikook posts, i’m not really into kpop but these two are one of my otps lol keep making them posts girl

lol jikook being a non-kpop fan’s otp is really something else lmao and i’m sorry people stole your posts, it’s not the first time i’ve read someone’s stopped posting bc of people reposting their gifs :( i don’t get why some prefer reposting something without crediting instead of just reblogging.. anyway i’ll continue posting, i love making gifs of jikook way too much to stop now lmao

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I think the reason I’m so emotionally invested in Sam Winchester is because I can connect with him, ya know? I mean, it’s not like we’ve been in the same situations with demon blood and stuff, but he just feels like a freak and so do I. I’m not saying that he is, that’s just what he feels and thinks and so do I. I just never felt like I belonged. That I’m just not good. But Sam is so much stronger and kinder and loving and I’m trying to learn from him and apply it to myself.