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It is bittersweet that I present to you my last ever theory for Pretty Little Liars. I apologise in advance for the insane length, but this is covering all those frustrating loose ends across the entire series. I hope you can make it to the end so we can discuss. My only fear for this theory is that it is too daring and gutsy; it would re-define the show we thought we knew. Are the writers willing to ‘go there’ in just 10 episodes? I don’t know! Regardless if this is all right, partially right, or so damn wrong, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did putting this together the past two months! For the last time before the show ends… I hope you enjoy!

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Friendly reminder that wolverine’s older-half brother John probably had similar/the same powers and very well may still be alive somewhere (and if his death was not faked, he was probably killed either by his mother Elizabeth Howlett or her boyfriend and wolverine’s biological father Thomas Logan)

John has showed up in one alternate future/au but other a few cryptic hints has not made an appearance in the main 616 canon


I now just really really want Feyre to take Alis and her family with her back to the Night Court after she’s kicked Tamlin’s ass. Just imagine how happy they’d all be living safely in Velaris.

Why this show makes no sense! -ARIA????????????? -The little girl has shown up in two Halloween episodes, but who is she?(alice) -Everything About Wren -A’s Medical Knowledge -Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? -No One Realized Bethany Wasn’t Ali(not even her family) -How did Cece, a patient at Radley, come to visit someone else in Radley while pretending to be someone else? -Why were patients at a mental institution allowed on an unsecured roof completely unsupervised? -What Was The Point Of N.A.T. Club? -Cece’s Roommate At UPenn -Everything About Marion’s Death -Who Is Beach Hottie? Cece Was Prom Queen At A School She Didn’t Go To -Wren gave CeCe Drake a visitor’s pass for Radley. If she was a patient there, why would she need a pass to get in? -Mona said that in exchange for the game, Big A (CeCe) offered her a way in and out of Radley. CeCe said Mona knew how to get in and out of Radley, so she started playing the game with her so she’d be able to as well. Which is it? -In a flashback, Mrs. D recieved a call from Radley telling her that Ali was there, and when she went to go pick her up, it was CeCe pretending to be Ali. Mrs. D was pissed. Why would Radley have called Mrs. D to tell her that her daughter who WAS A PATIENT at Radley.. was at Radley? -How did Mona only just realize she killed Bethany and not Ali, when she herself picked Ali up that night and helped her leave Rosewood? -Why did Jason see CeCe in Ali’s shirt that night? “Maybe it was Bethany” doesn’t make sense, because he saw “CeCe” with Melissa. Why would Bethany have been talking to Melissa? -The two dresses in Ali’s flashback were the same size. Why would they be if one was meant for Cece and one for Ali, and they’re supposed to be 8 years apart? -How did “A” get vials of blood into Spencer’s bag in England when, at the same time back in the States, “A” was creeping on Cyrus in the hospital? Was one of these people Sara Harvey?  -“Charles” was taller than Spencer in The Dollhouse. CeCe is much shorter. -Why was CeCe Drake on the A’s payroll if she WAS A? -If all CeCe wanted was to be close to her little sister, didn’t she achieve that a long time ago? Why did she need to obtain Ali “dolls?” Alison would have hung out with her on her own accord  -What was Noel Kahn’s secret? -How did Charlotte kidnap Sara Harvey the same night Alison DiLaurentis went missing? -Why did Sara Harvey disguise herself as Red Coat and Black Widow? -Why did Bethany end up wearing the same clothes as Alison on “that night?” - How did Alison’s bracelet end up on Bethany Young’s wrist? -After Alison was pulled out of the grave by Mrs. Grunwald, how was there still a hole to push Bethany into? -Why was Wilden so determined to tear the girls down in the pilot? - Meanwhile, as much as Charlotte interacted with the police as “CeCe Drake,” how come the police never verified that “CeCe Drake” was an actual person? -If Charlotte loved her mother so much, why would she send a very cryptic video of her getting buried? -Melissa always being shady? - Ezra (stalker obsession) just for a book??? -MAYA?????? WHAT DID SHE KNOW? WHO KILLED HER? IS SHE EVN DEAD? -byron -jason -Jenna -noel -lucas -IANS DEATH??? - all ali flashbacks? -Ali visiting the liars? - The parents -Alison: “The four of you remember more about that night then you think.” Why did she say this when they knew nothing and ultimately had no tie to anything regarding “That Night?”